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SVAROG, Slavic t-shirt, Rod - Serbia

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Svarog is the son of pre-god Rod, the Sun God, the Father of our Universe and everything in it. Svarog is the Blacksmith of the Heavens. He created all of the other Gods from the sparks of white flame from the Alatyr stone. He is the creator and the guardian of the sacred fire and is believed to be connected to the hearth of every house. The symbol of Svarog was the spinning wheel (kolovrat), Slavic svastika (the symbol of Sun) with eight prongs, and the Hammer. Being the most powerful of all Gods, he had the sovereignty over the entire heavens: Svarga, the Sun, the Moon, the rainbow and the stars.

The text on the shirt translates as: "Glory to the one that forged the Sun, created our world and everything on it! Glory to Svarog, our forefather!"

High quality t-shirt – 100% cotton (180 g), manufactured in Serbia.

SVAROG, t-shirt, Rod - Serbia - galerie 1 SVAROG, t-shirt, Rod - Serbia - galerie 2


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SVAROG, t-shirt, Rod - Serbia
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