Truth prevails - Hussite men's t-shirt, colored

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(catalogue number: TTS560)

Men's Hussite T-shirt with the motto Pravda vítězí, meaning Truth prevails. It is believed to be derived from John Hus (Johannes Hus, in Czech Jan Hus), an inspirer of Hussitism and a key predecessor to Protestantism. The first president of Czechoslovakia T.G.Masaryk adopted the phrase as the presidential motto after gaining independence from Austria-Hungary. The sentiment was echoed over 75 years later in Václav Havel's notion oflife in truth and in his famous statement Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred. (Wikipedia)

  • Material 100% cotton
  • Detailed design
  • Quality print
  • Printed in the Czech Republic
  • T-shirt by Gildan, USA
  • Naav fashion brand