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Living History, Crafts / europe / Emblem of a Miner - Kutna Hora

Emblem of a Miner - Kutna Hora

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Replica (direct copy of the original!) of the seal that was probably fixed on the chest in which silver ore was transported from the silver mines in the King's city of Kutna Hora (Bohemia).

The town of Kutna Hora (in translation Mining Mountain) owes its origin to the silver mines of big importance especially during the 13th century. Production of silver ore during this century was cca 33 % of the whole Europe production! And the Kutna Hora became very rich and powerful city. For more info click here

The seal has 5.7 cm. Material: alloy of tin and zinc. Patinated. It can be good and original present for cavemen, geologists, people who are interested in Earth's science.


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Emblem of a Miner - Kutna Hora
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