Gydja, Norse Soul collection, natural magic essence

18.00 €
(catalogue number: ARO55)

The Norse soul collection is a collection of pure botanical essences made with highest quality rare ingredients. 

Gydja combines intricate floral notes of mimosa, jasmines, and cestrum with sensual cinnamon, sandalwood and galangal roots with a base of myrrh, turmeric and patchouli.

Gydja (or Godi) as it usually is with such concepts is difficult to grasp sometimes. It is the superconscious part of the self that is aware of the greater good  and our best interest, it is what remains unchanging and true to itself, while Hyge and Minni grow and evolve, the Hamr changes or the Lyke grows old. Being in touch with the inner Gydja means listening to one’s intuition and following a higher purpose in life, opening innate psychic powers and sight.

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