Hamingja, Norse Soul Collection, Botanical Ritual Essence

18.00 €
(catalogue number: ARO61)

Hamingja is an essence that plays with concepts of wealth, personal growth and depths of one's roots and lineage. It combines exotic notes of saffron and sandalwood, black pepper and nutmeg, and wraps them in an unusual heart of green tea and narcissus flowers and a base of agarwood, copaiba and frankincense.

The concept of hamingja may be most foreign to modern thinking. Though we may call it luck (be it good or bad luck), hamingja itself does not, however, deal in chances or lucky breaks (when it comes to who and when will become lucky on unlucky). It is instead more tied to one's lineage and family, and can carry over to their descendants. Based on (for a lack of better word) wealth, merit and accomplishment, one (or their family/lineage) may accumulate or loose their hamingja, or can even lend it to others if needed. In essence hamingja is generally the personal power, fortune and energy of the individual and can also serve as the source of power for one’s fylgja.

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