Ödr, Norse Soul Collection, Botanical Ritual Essence

18.00 €
(catalogue number: ARO66)

The Norse soul collection is a collection of pure botanical essences made with highest quality rare ingredients. 

Ödr is reminiscent of burnt offerings combining ashen styrax with floral notes of ylang, spartium, blue and pink lotus with frankincense, palo santo, tonka and oud (agarwood) base.

Ödr would probably be best described as the part of the human soul we inherited from the gods, when they created us, in the form of Höenirs gift of “ödhr”, it is the part of us that is no longer a part of a “self” and which is in essence “selfless”. As such, Ödr is more a state of existence than a part of the self. It is the ultimate awareness and consciousness and it is the link by which we experience divinity.

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