Verdandi, Norse Witch Natural Magic Essence

18.00 €
(catalogue number: ARO52)

Verdandi - Warm floral scent combining classical carnation with turkish rose with flesh hyacinth and a myrrh-frankincense base.

This fragrance is made with only the finest natural essential oils and ingredients, that are blended into a base of fermented alcohol and bottled in a handmade Czech glass vial with an atomizer.

Verdandi is the fleeting present moment. She is the crossroads between the path taken, the “what has been” and “what may come to pass”. She is the now.

She takes your hand and directs your gaze from behind you down to your feet and to the exact place where you stand on the thread of your life. She teaches you how to walk on it with balance - not looking back, nor looking directly ahead.

Living in the present moment is something we sometimes find hard to achieve. Many times we dwell too much on the past or lose ourselves daydreaming about the future and forget to live in the current moment. The current, fleeting moment is where our power to change exists. It is the only time we can make decisions, take charge and make a difference. Dwelling in the past or in the future strips us of choices and sets us on a path that is far beyond our grasp or control.

The power and the core of Verdandi’s path lies in balance. A harmony between awareness and understanding of the past and regard for the future and through free will taking charge of your own destiny.

This scent honors the fleeting beauty and power of the current moment, with delicate yet intense notes of flowers - blooming roses and carnations, and accents of hyacinth, because flowers are in a sense just as fickle, yet a result of firm roots, nourishment and growth, that bears fruit. Fruit, which might again take root in the future. Base notes of this essence include the beautiful and lasting sandalwood and myrrh that give substance to the ever changing current moment.

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