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Boutique pagan,  boutique de sorcellerie, occulte...

Nous vous proposons des produits Wiccans, empruns de magie et de sorcellerie, tels que des calices, des cristaux magiques, des pierres semi précieuses, des pentacles, des bijoux payens, des objets celtiques, des herbes, des chandelles magiques, des baguettes, des runes, le livre des ombres, des composants de sortilèges...

La magie est très proche du paganisme et de la mythologie. Dans les temps présents, les dieux payens sont plus forts chaque jour et le futur est leur!

jewels and pendants

Wicca and Witchcraft Shop Witchcraft

Wicca and Witchcraft Shop. Jewels and Pendants. Pagan shop (store), magickal supplies. Delivery Worldwide.

magical oils


Natural oils, scents and aromatherapy colored in spirit and magic.

Author is Moi Yggdottir.

Art, magic, nature and transformation.

Bottles and jars are my canvases and plant essences are my colors and together they help me tell stories in memories and emotions.

I create scents to make concepts, deities, Gods and human personalities manifest. I make magic happen sometimes too, as pure plant essences, intentions and deep interpersonal connections during the creative process can be profoundly transformative for everyone involved.

Does it sound vague yet very complex? That’s because it is. But that is the beauty of it.

My creations have all been born in my hands and warmed by my skin. And before that, they were a part of nature.

All scents are vegan (though some may include organic beeswax or honey extracts).

Vala's Perfumery

Vala's Perfumery

candle horders, figures

candle horders, figures

Candle horders, figures and statues.

books of shadows

Books of shadows, magical notebooks

Books of shadows and notebooks.

aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy Oils  Magicky

Aromatherapy oils.

magic candles

Magic Candles

Candle Magic - exporter of ritual candles, folkloric magical, occult candles, spiritual candles, offertory candles, figural candles and votive candles. Our candles are hand-coloured.

These candles are for usage or decoration.

wall plaques

Wall Plaques, Decorations

Wall Plaques, Wall Decorations, Mirrors.



Runes - hancrafted wooden, glass, mineral or tin runes.

altar tools

Altar Tools Magickal Store Shop

Altar tools - altar bells, altar cloths, altar tables and stands, altar tiles.

norse & celtic
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