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jewels and pendants

Wicca and Witchcraft Shop. Jewels and Pendants. Pagan shop (store), magickal supplies. Delivery Worldwide.

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Le numéro de catalogue: FGJ61

Prix:  89.00 €  66.00 €


No piece of jewellery is ordinary and the most valuable of them should fulfill at least the following criteria: high quality of craftsmanship, careful choice of materials and an original and interesting design. We dare say this jewel meets them all and has even more. It contains history and a soul that has been infused into it around the year 1000 CE on the Baltic island of Gotland (Sweden), where the pendant was crafted as a part of a large necklace.

Archaeologists believe the silver used for the necklace was imported from the Slavic countries and the crystals from Persia (Basra) or the Alpine areas, Persia being a more likely place of origin. Crystal is a symbol of nobility, purity and magical beauty. Time passes but in this case the beauty remains. This piece will be appreciated by women whether they are deeply interested in history or not, moreover, it will never succumb to fashion trends.

  • Material: crystal and sterling silver
  • Weight of silver: approx. 8 g
  • Overall weight: cca 20 g
  • Size: approx. 2.6 x 3.2 cm
  • Cast granulation
  • The chain is not included

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Le numéro de catalogue: MMP23

Prix: 5.00 €


Casted PENTAGRAM Pendant in a Circle. 

  • material: tin alloy covered with layer of resin to prevent oxidation

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Pentagramme, pendentif en argent Ag

Le numéro de catalogue: MJW39

Prix: 25.00 €


Pentagramme - pendentif en forme de pentacle.

Matériau : argent sterling.

Taille : env. 2,9 cm de diamètre.

Poids : cca 3 g.

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FIRE MOON PENTACLE, silver earrings, Ag 925

Le numéro de catalogue: FTJ78

Prix: 22.00 €


FIRE MOON PENTACLE, silver earrings with enamel and garnets. Material: silver (925). Size circa 1.5 cm in diameter.  Weight of pair 4.3 g.

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Le numéro de catalogue: MJP28

Prix: 5.00 €


PENTACLE WITH LEAVES, talisman. Size circa 4.2 x 4.5 cm. Pendant is casted (tin alloy) and covered with layer of resin.

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WITCHEs CAT, pendant

Le numéro de catalogue: MJW62

Prix: 26.00 €

Limited Qty: 2 x in stock


Silver Pentacle Pendant. Size cca 2.5 cm in a diameter. Weight cca 4 g.

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PENTACLE on leather twine

Le numéro de catalogue: MJP21

Prix: 10.00 €


PENTACLE or PENTAGRAM Pendant on Leather Cord.

  • Material silver plated metal alloy
  • Size 4 cm

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Le numéro de catalogue: MJP07

Prix: 5.00 €

Size: 4 cm, material: white metal.

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