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Roman Empire

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Catalog number: ASW15

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Gladius with scabbard. Overall length circa 74 cm (blade:cca 53 cm). Sword has sharp blade so it is not suitable for fencing. Import.

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Ancient Legionary Writing Tablet

Catalog number: LHE48

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Romans used to write their notes with a bronze stylus in wax. We offer you such writing set: wax table and bronze stylus. Size circa: 10.5 x 19 cm. Very original gift. Knife is not included.

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Catalog number: FGJ108

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Replicas of Sterling Silver ROMAN EMPIRE EARRINGS with Carnelian, the original artefact dating back to the 2nd-3rd century CE. On request we can set the earrings with hessonite, a honey coloured type of garnet. Ancient Romans and Indians frequently used hessonite as they believed it averts evil.

  • Material sterling silver, carnelian, hessonite
  • Size approx. 3.6 cm
  • Weight approx. 5 g/pair

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PATERA, Roman bowl, replica

Catalog number: LHE79

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Replica of a Roman patera. Volume approx. 1 Liter. Material: brass, tin inside. Decorative replica.

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GLADIATOR - lion's head, leather bracelet, red

Catalog number: LWB48

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Leather bracelet in a Ancient Roman style with a tin lion's head. Size: 5.6 x 27cm.

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RUDIS, wooden gladiatorial sword

Catalog number: ASW65

Your Price: 25.00 €


Wooden Gladiatorial SWORD.

  • total length: 69 cm
  • blade length: 50 cm

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ROMAN OIL LAMP with erotic scene

Catalog number: CDM165

Your Price: 17.00 €


ROMAN OIL LAMP with erotic scene. Replica.

  • Material: ceramics, glazed inside
  • Size: 13.3 x 9.5 x 5 cm

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ROMAN HELMET, Imperial Gallic H, Augsburg-Oberhausen

Catalog number: HRC28

Your Price: 129.00 €


Collectible quality Roman helmet, the Imperial Gallic H, Augsburg-Oberhausen.

This helmet is classified by Robinson as Imperial Italic H and is one of the best-preserved Roman Imperial helmets to have survived from antiquity. The Gallic H has different style eyebrows and a more sloping neck guard. The most complete example of this type was discovered in Lech, near Augsburg, Germany.

  • 18 gauge steel with brass elements
  • Front to Back: 8 1/2", Side to Side: 7 1/2", 25 1/2" Around
  • Weight 3lb 1oz

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AQUILA, Roman Eagle SPQR, sterling silver pendant

Catalog number: FGJ201

Your Price: 33.00 €


Roman Eagle - Aquila. A symbol of ancient Rome and a important part of standards of the Roman legions. Its loss was a shame for whole legion for many generations. Roman soldier holding Aquila was called Aquilifer. Bail on the reverse.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 2.8 x 3.1 cm
  • Bail size 4 x 10 mm

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ROMAN OIL LAMP Dove and Pomegranate - replica

Catalog number: CDM166

Your Price: 17.00 €


ROMAN OIL LAMP with a dove and pomegranate. Replica.

  • Material: ceramics, glazed inside
  • Size: 14,5 x 10 x 4,5 cm

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ROMAN OIL LAMP with Gladiators

Catalog number: CDM167

Your Price: 17.00 €


ROMAN OIL LAMP with gladiators. Replica.

  • Material: ceramics, glazed inside
  • Size: 13 x 9 x 4 cm

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Pompeii Gladius, forged replica

Catalog number: ASW09

Your Price: 530.00 €


Sharp Pompeii Type Gladius for Collectors. This type of sword was first identified among Pompeii artefacts, however the design of this Gladius is based on an exhibit in the Museum of Nijmegen, Netherlands. The blade is forged, decorated with engraved brass patronage, hand-carved head of the sword, part of the patronage and handle. High quality sword from the Arma Epona Smithy, Prague, Czech Rep.

  • Overall length: 68 cm
  • Length of the blade: 49 cm
  • Width of the blade at the patronage: 4 cm
  • Balance point: 11 cm
  • Weight: 0.74 g

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Ancient Rome Wooden Box, replica

Catalog number: LHE77

Your Price: 26.00 €


Exact replica of a Roman wooden box. In the ancient times people used similar boxes for storage of various material: hygienic tools, steel for setting fire, herbs,  figures of the Gods etc. It is very probable that similar boxes were used elsewhere in ancient Europe - Gallia, Dacia, British Isles ...

Size: 8.5 x 17 x 5.5 cm. Material: ash.

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AQUILA - Eagle S.P.Q.R. leather bracers

Catalog number: LEA84

Your Price: 87.00 €


High quality hand made Roman leather bracers with a bronze eagle (Aquila). Length: 20.5 cm. Price is per pair.

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ROMAN OIL LAMP - laurel wreath

Catalog number: CDM168

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  • Material: ceramics, glazed inside
  • Size: 12,5 x 10 x 5 cm

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Catalog number: PUJ11

Your Price: 3.50 €


Price for rental of this costume is for 3 days.

Refundable deposit 850,- CZK.

Only in the Czech Republic - our services are used especially by local and foreign film companies. Our business ideology is to offer to our clients authentic costumes (materials, handwork, authentic patterns).

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ROMAN LEGIONARY, costume rental

Catalog number: PUJ28

Your Price: 39.00 €


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Ancient Roman shoes for ladies

Catalog number: GOB57

Your Price: 95.00 €


Roman shoes for ladies. Made from quality leather in the Czech Republic.

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