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METEORITE, Sikhote - Alin

Catalog number: MET02

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Meteorite Sikhote - Alin (r. 1947). Elements: approx. Fe 93,3%, Ni: 6 %. Co: 0,5 %, minority elements Ge and Ir. Easter Siberia. Weight approx. 15 g. Each meteorite has different shape.

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TEKTITE, meteorite glass

Catalog number: PFS14

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Tektite - glass which was created during extraterrestrial impacts. Average size: 3 cm. The price is for one piece.

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Campo del Cielo, Argentina, meteorite

Catalog number: MET01

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Impact: Holocene. Elements: approx. 92,6 % Fe, 6,7 % Ni, 0,4 % Co, 0,25 % P, other minority elements (ppm) Gallium, Germanium a Iridium. Locality: Campo del Cielo, Argentina.

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