PEPPI, Marionette

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(catalogue number: MAR39)

Peppi in blue - here you can see beautiful hand-painted marionette of a peculiar freaky girl, with funny braids and typical striped stockings. She does not spoil any fun and will experience many adventures during her childhood. This story has enchanted many generations and today it does not lose any joke or point. A puppet called Peppi does not lack any of the typical details. In this case she is dressed in blue dresses with colour pockets.

Control system consists of a rocker, wire and 4 strings and ensures perfect motions and easy playing.

Please mind that a marionette is and instrument at first and its necessary to use it as instrument. Before you will give a violin to your kids you have to explain them how to use it and you should do the same with a puppet as well.
Collection Childness | height cca. 31 cm | 0.5 kg

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