PIRATE, Marionette

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(catalogue number: MAR33)

This lovely pirate puppet can be ue as the perfect character of any puppet theater, or an ideal gift for your friends or children as well. Details in the form of expressive eye shadows and "dreadlocks" with collor beads only enhance the overall impression. Original and hand-sewn clothing made of natural and hand-dyed cotton is then just the icing on the cake, appreciated especially by lovers of classic puppet theater. Pirate puppet is completely manual work and all its components are wholly original and guarantee perfect quality and superior performance.
Control system consists of a rocker, wire and 4 strings and ensures perfect motions and easy playing.  Please mind that a marionette is and instrument at first and its necessary to use it as instrument. Before you will give a violin to your kids you have to explain them how to use it and you should do the same with a puppet as well.

Collection Basic | height cca. 33 cm | 0.4 kg

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