Bohemia, Albrecht von Wallenstein 1586–1634 Ducat brass coin replica

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The rare Ducat of von Wallenstein from 1628 bears an unusual year on the reverse, 628. It seems that the engraver of the coin die erred in designing the type and there was not enough space for the missing figure 1.

Von Wallensteins gold

The commencement of minting of the coins of von Wallenstein resulted from the dukes conceited effort to equal other aristocrats of the Kingdom of Bohemia who possessed the regalia to mint coins. Profit from minting was not the primary motivation as von Wallenstein had grown immensely rich in issuing devalued governmental money in association with de Witte, which resulted in the destruction of the Czech currency, total economic disruption of the country and, subsequently, declaration of the state bankrupt in 1623. He literally wrote about the reasons for minting his own coins: Rather than for any benefit, I am doing it for reputation. Lacking in rich gold fields, von Wallenstein minted his Ducats from low-quality coins of others that he had withdrawn from circulation and reminted, and also by reusing jewellery.

Material: Brass. Weight: 2 g, Size: 21 mm.

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