Bohemia, John the Blind 1310–1346 Florin, brass coin replica

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(catalogue number: MCO03)

Material: Brass. Size: 21 mm

The Florin was the first Czech golden coin, minted since 1325. The minting of Czech Florins was rather a representative issue as Bohemia lacked larger resources of gold. The high quality of the Florins caused them to disappear from circulation – the coins were melted down, hidden away, or disappeared into foreign lands. The most frequently used coin in Bohemia was therefore the silver Prague grosch. The exchange rate was 16 Prague grosches to one Florin, which weighted approximately 3.53 grams with 990/1000 fineness. The minting of King Johns florins is mentioned in the Zbraslav Chronicle of Petr Žitavský. It says that in 1325 the work related to the minting of golden coins was initiated in Prague under the supervision of Lombardy (Florence – hence the name florin). The image on the Czech florins is very much the same as on their Italian models – golden coins of Florence bearing the heraldic lily on the face side and the figure of St. John the Baptist on the reverse side. The Czech origin of the coins can be distinguished only by the abbreviated face inscription JOHANNES REX BOEMIE.

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