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Old Slavs / DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure

DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure

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DAJBOG - The Giving God. Dajbog is one of the sons of Svarog, the Sungod, the one who gives light, rain and fertility – everything that is good. The Slavs believed that Dajbog travels the heavens every day in a magical quadriga yoked with four white horses with fiery manes and golden wings, and that the sunlight comes from the fiery shield that Dajbog carries with Him. At night he would die and go to the Underworld, in order to be resurrected in the morning. Also, it was believed that Dajbog spends summer months in our, real world, giving us Sun, while in the winter he goes down into Nav.

He had a magnificent posture, beautiful golden hair and sky blue eyes nothing could be hidden from. Serbs would represent Dajbog as a quiet, gentle and good-natured old man with white hair and beard, with a jerkin around his shoulders and with a rod in his hand. It is believed that he was the incarnation of the white wolf, our mythical ancestor and the supreme god from the ages of animism, so the wolf was his faithful companion.

About sculptures:

These figurines are the original work of Serbian sculptor Jovan Petronijevic and they are a part of the unique chess set inspired by Slavic mythology, but you can have them separately, as a beautiful and original souvenir. Made of resin, hand painted and patinated, 13 cm high. Each has it's own original packaging.

Brand ROD is engaged in the manufacture and sale of souvenirs inspired by Serbian and Slavic mythology and ancestry.

Behind the brand is a team of talented artists whose main goal is for people who visit Serbia to charish the memory of this land of fairy-tales, myths and legends, and the country rich in tradition and history that goes back many centuries in the past. This is the Serbia that we present  through different forms of art and we have invested all of our talent and years of hard work, research and learning in this process.

In addition to silver and tin jewelry, clothes, leather and stoneware artwork  that we design and make,   we are proud to say that our creative workshop is the birthplace of the first, and only one in the world, chess set inspired by our Slavic mythology. This chess set is the work of sculptor Jovan Petronijević who became well known after solo exhibitions that presented his first series of sculptures (Vinca and neolithic period).

The whole chess (from chess board to figurines) is a work of art and has several different sets, including Gods and creatures from our mythology, and some of them you may know – Perun (the God of thunder), Svetovid (God of war and victory), Veles (God protector of animals), Dajbog (the kind, giving God), Mokos (Goddess of fertillity and protector of women), Svarog  (the Creator of universe and Heavenly Smith)...

Each of the figures of our chess set  is potentially a unique national souvenir and has a way of entering  homes of people around the world. This way they can learn something about our so underestimated mythology (as opposed to Greek, Roman and Norse).

In the name of the brand ROD, we welcome you!
Jovan Petronijević, sculptor and Jelena Petrović, project director.

DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure - galerie 1 DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure - galerie 2 DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure - galerie 3 DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure - galerie 4 DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure - galerie 5


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DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure
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