PERUN, Slavic God, magnet

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Perun is the mightiest of Slavic Gods, God of princesses and knights, invincible warrior, the creator of thunder and lightning. He maintains order in the Universe, grants victory in a battle and protects the state and the rulers. Of all the gods, he has the closest relationship with the mankind, and as a very powerful God he was honored even by non-Slavic people.

He rules the natural phenomena such as rain, lightning, thunder, clouds and hail and uses them to influence people's lives. He is often linked to the cults of water, trees and stones. Perun's weapons are rod, bow, arrows (lightnings) and axe which is his most significant mark. He is represented as an eldrely man, with silver-gray hair and golden beard. It was believed that the thunder was, in fact, the sound of him riding his battle gig across the heavens. Thursday is the day dedicated to Perun. On that day, the priests used to consecrate oak trees and light fires to protect people from lightning. Perun's flower is the blue iris (perunika), as well as plants such as oak, sage, nettle, hazelnut, wheat and houseleek.

  • Material resin
  • Made in Serbia by Rod
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