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america - incas, maya and aztecs

Statues and wall hangings inspired by the ancient Incas, Maya and Aztecs. The material is usually resin with a cement binder.

Cultural developments took place in the Americas in two distinct geographical areas: Mesoamerica (Olmec and Toltec monuments and reliefs) and Peru (usually smaller works with highly advanced craftsmanship). The first material used was stone, then metal and terracotta came into used. Motifs were usually representations of real people and of their Gods, animals, etc. Besides sculptures we also frequently find masks and ritual objects, and there is the legendary calendar carved into basalt that still impresses us today with its accuracy.

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Catalog number: SCE5

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Material: artificial stone. Size: 95x200x45 mm; 0,80 kg.

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Catalog number: SCE4

Your Price: 32.00 €


Material: artificial stone. Size: 225x225x70 mm; 2,10 kg.

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Quetzalcoatl, feathered serpent, Aztec sculpture, replica

Catalog number: SCE1

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Wall plaque shows the appearance of the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl, who was worshiped as the giver of civilization and the great king, ruling in ancient times, when the nation brought a lot of knowledge and practical skills. According to the myth, thanks to its nobility was able to join his snake form wings that help could raise to heaven and become God. Size: 95 × 95 × 70 mm. Material: artificial stone.

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Olmec Head, San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, sculpture, replica

Catalog number: SCE2

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This huge statue is a remnant of the Olmec culture operating in the later Maya civilization. Original head was created around 1000 BCE. Some of them were higher than 3.5 m. Original head is now located in the La Venta park in the south of Mexico. Size: 95 × 120 × 95 mm. Material: artificial stone.

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Catalog number: SCE6

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Aztec Ritual Knife. Material: artificial stone. Size: 255x70x25 mm; 0,35 kg.

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Xipe-Totec, small, Aztec God

Catalog number: SCE3

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Xipe-Totec is the God of the Aztec nation. Material: artificial stone. Size: 50 × 90 × 25 mm.

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Catalog number: SCE7

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Material: artificial stone. Size: 255x255x25 mm; 1,85 kg.

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Catalog number: SCE8

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Aztec God - Quetzalcoatl. Size: 135x200x135 mm; 2.30 kg

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Catalog number: SCE9

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Material: artificial stone. Size: 120x260x15 mm; 0,85 kg.

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THUMI ritual knife

Catalog number: SCE10

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Material: artificial stone. Size: 80x190x10 mm; 0,25 kg.

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Catalog number: SCE11

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Material: artificial stone. Size: 245x245x12 mm; 1,20 kg.

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Catalog number: SCE12

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Material: artificial stone. Size: 165x240x35 mm; 0,45 kg.

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Catalog number: WPQ25

Your Price: 30.00 €


Reproduction of the carved stone sarcophagus lid from the Temple of Inscriptions. It features Pakal I, also known as Pacal the Great or Sun Shield, the head of a Maya city-state of Palenque. The lid, a unique piece of Classic Maya art, also features celestial serpant and cruciform world tree in the center and cosmological signs around the edges.

  • material artifical stone, treated with patina
  • size 210 x 360 x 20 mm

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TEZCATLIPOCA, wall derocation

Catalog number: WPQ31

Your Price: 19.00 €


Tezcatlipoca was a chief Azter deity; his name is often translated as Smoking Mirror, alluding to his connection to obsidian. In Mesoamerica obsidian mirrors were used for shamanic rituals.

  • material artificial stone
  • size 190 x 250 x 20 mm

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AZTEC WARRIOR, wall decoration

Catalog number: WPQ32

Your Price: 10.00 €


Aztec warriors who demonstrated the most bravery and who fought well became either Jaguar or Eagle warriors. An Eagle Aztec warrior, like the one in the relief, wore feathered helmets including an open beak.

  • material artificial stone
  • size 130 x 175 x 15 mm

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