DEVANA, the Slavic Goddess of forests and wildlife

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Devana is a Slavic Goddess of forests, wild animals and hunting. We know her as "Mother of the forest", wild and unrestrained, she is the heavenly couple to Veles with whom she had Yarilo, the god of war and anger, but also sexuality and fertility.

She is portrayed as a strong young woman, a virgin, which, if necessary, takes up the sword to fight in a war. Her animal form is a mare who was her sacred animal. Her virginity  was renewed every spring in a ritual by bathing in the water of the river or a lake and is a symbol of female sexual power and freedom. Holiday dedicated to Devana is "vrbopuc" celebrated in early spring. The Slavic legends describe Devana as Vasilisa the Wise that helps her husband Veles to overcome numerous challenges.

About sculptures:

These figurines are the original work of Serbian sculptor Jovan Petronijevic and they are a part of the unique chess set inspired by Slavic mythology, but you can have them separately, as a beautiful and original souvenir. Made of resin, hand painted and patinated, 13 cm high. Each has it's own original packaging.

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