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  • Historical Buckle, bronze V.

    Catalogue number: BHJ427
    Price: 5.00 €
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    Bronze medieval buckle. Lost wax casting method.

    • Dimensions: 26 x 41 mm
    • For 11 mm wide straps
  • FASCINUS, Roman phallic pendant, silver

    Catalogue number: SBR385
    Price: 28.00 €
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    This roman phallic pendant is crafted on the basis of an artefact discovered in Rome (2nd-3rd century). These pendants were widespread in the whole Roman Empire with the largest collection found in the Roman settlement Camulodunum (now in England). This is a fairly universal amulet protecting the…
  • FOWLER, medieval dagger

    Catalogue number: SDA62
    Price: 69.00 €
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    Medieval Dagger with Pommel and Leather Hilt. material high carbon spring steel 54SiCr6, leather case hardened to 52-53 HRC overall length 33.5 cm blade 21 cm BLUNT blade, we can deliver SHARP on request manufactured by Wulflund
  • HOLGER, medieval dagger

    Catalogue number: SDA67
    Price: 69.00 €
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    Medieval Dagger made of quality high carbon spring steel. material 54SiCr6 steel case hardened 52-53 HRC overall length 33.5 cm blade 21 cm blade is blunt, we can deliver sharp on request manufactured by Wulflund
  • Grand Master, crusader great helmet with the cross

    Catalogue number: HGO150
    Price: 220.00 €

    Hand made great helmet with brass. Partially blackened.

    • Material 1.5 mm thick steel plate
  • CYPRIAN, medieval dagger

    Catalogue number: SDA55
    Price: 98.00 €
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    Stage and Sport Combat Replica of a Medieval Dagger. Material: spring steel 54SiCr6  Hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC Sword by Wulflund
  • HOOD, double layers, wool and linen, Norway

    Catalogue number: CLM50
    Price: 59.00 €
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    Woolen viking hood, replica from Skjoldehamn (Norway,X - XI. Century). Hood is outsewn with linen cloth and all visible stitches are hand sewn with linen thread. Very practical not only during winter, you find it comfortable during long sitting along the campfire in the summer nights while…
  • SIGNAL HORN 38 cm

    Catalogue number: SHO04
    Price: 35.00 €
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    Polished signal blowing horn. Each horn may vary in color.

    • Average length: approx. 38 cm
    • Origin: South America, India and Africa
    • Imported by Wulflund
  • Beard Axe, hand forged

    Catalogue number: APW27
    Price: 105.00 €
    Hand Forged Medieval Bearded Axe with rounded edge in BLUNT version, case hardened for re-enactment practise.  Size of axe head 16 x 19 cm Excellent product of Arma Epona smithy (Czech Republic).  

    Catalogue number: ARP08
    Price: 68.00 €
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    Horse Armour as a unique decoration for your home, business or, indeed, the stables.

    • material metal plate
    • size 23 x 51 cm

    Catalogue number: ARP01
    Price: 150.00 €
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    Combat Gauntlets. One pair of high-quality gauntlets that are fully usable in battles. 1.0 mm thick steel., leather gloves are not included in price. Hand made in the Czech Republic. Our Bestseller.
  • Medieval Belt Buckle, Bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ435
    Price: 9.00 €
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    Bronze medieval buckle.

    • Dimensions: 32 x 36 mm
    • For 22 mm wide straps
    • Lost wax casting
    • Czech product
  • Historical Buckle, bronze Memling, XV. Century

    Catalogue number: BHJ432
    Price: 9.00 €
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    Bronze medieval buckle. 15th Century buckle inspired by a Hans Memling painting. Lost wax casting.

    • Material bronze
    • Dimensions: 33 x 34 mm
    • For 19 mm wide straps
  • PYRAMIDE, forged candlestick

    Catalogue number: FPR187
    Price: 53.00 €
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    Massive forged candlestick for larger candles.

    Size: 8 x 8 cm, height: 15 cm, candle diameter: 4.5 cm.

  • Knight's Helmet, pendant, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: FGJ150
    Price: 43.00 €
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    Medieval Knight Helmet Sterling Silver Pendant, the design of the tournament helmet is based on an illumination from the Gulhausen Codex, an important source of Czech history during the 14th century. Material sterling silver Size 2.9 (height) x 4 cm Hidden bale 5 x 7mm
  • AVERY, medieval dagger

    Catalogue number: SDA61
    Price: 69.00 €
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    Medieval Dagger made of quality high carbon spring steel. material 54SiCr6 steel case hardened 52-53 HRC overall length 33.5 cm blade length 21 cm blunt blade, can be delivered sharp on request
  • NOBLEMAN - Medieval Leather Belt

    Catalogue number: LBE61
    Price: 29.00 €
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    Leather Medieval Belt with Cast Historical Buckle decorated with stamping crafted from high quality leather. Material: tin alloy, leather Width: 2.5 cm Length: 170 cm
  • CRUSADER DAGGER for re-enactment

    Catalogue number: SDA45
    Price: 88.00 €
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    Battle Ready Replica of a Crusader Dagger. material: spring steel 54SiCr6, hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC overall length: 54 cm blade length: 39 cm width of guard: 14 cm sword by Wulflund
  • BEER GLASS, halfliter, historical glass

    Catalogue number: APW93
    Price: 32.00 €
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    Forrest Glass Beer Mug with Spirals, hand made in a family glassworks. The spirals have a practical use, when drinking with greasy fingers, the glass does not slip from your hands. Forrest glass is late medieval glass produced in northwestern and central Europe between cca 1000–1700 CE. It used to…
  • Kettle hat with rivets, helmet

    Catalogue number: HGO148
    Price: 185.00 €
    • Material: 1.5 mm iron plate
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