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  • HUSSITE CROSSBOWMAN, Bohemia, XV. Century, historical tin statue

    Catalogue number: fig73
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    Hussite warrior. Height: 57 mm. Weight: 62 g.

  • FLAIL, Hussite war weapon, replica

    Catalogue number: APW108
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    FLAIL Weapon, originaly an agricultural tool, flail was often used by farmers as a weapon for a lack of better weapons, as was the case with the farmers lead by Jan Žižka during the Hussite Wars in Bohemia; the first recorded use of flail as a weapon was in the 13th century during the …
  • FLAIL, Hussite war weapon, replica, XV. century

    Catalogue number: APW109
    Price: 158.00 €
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    Flail - this weapon was often used by farmers who may have lacked better weapons. The first known use of a flail as a weapon was by Hussite warriors  under the leadership of Jan Žižka during the Hussite Wars in Bohemia. This weapon is really devastating - do not use it in combat.
  • Hussite Shield, pendant

    Catalogue number: OSL33
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    Hussite Shield, pendant. The Hussites were a protestant movement following the teachings of Czech reformer Jan Hus who was burned for this teaching by the Roman Catholic Church in Konstanz. His death unleashed a large rebellion within the Czech lands (also in the southern parts of Poland) that…
  • COMBAT AXE, Hussites, 14th Century

    Catalogue number: APW24
    Price: 95.00 €

    Hussite Axe Replica, Bohemia, Czech Rep., the 14th century. 

    • Length: 40cm
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