Smithy Works, Coins

Smithy Works, Coins

Artisan Metalsmith - interior and exterior decoration items, furniture, knives and collectible functional sword replicas.

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Smithing is one of the oldest crafts and the basic techniques still remain largely unchanged after many hundreds of years. Our forged products can also be seen in other categories such as knives, swords or living history. We craft and sell many unique items for different purposes:

Decorative smithy works - forged iron jewellery (arm rings, forged Celtic necklaces - torcs, forged pendants and cloak pins), interior and exterior decoration items (candleholders, furniture metal fittings, garden lamps, lanterns, well lids), kitchenware and outdoor equipment (cutlery, grills, billycans) and stylish furniture (chairs, benches, armchairs, beds).

Forged replicas of weapons - arrowheads, spear tips.

Reenactment equipment - flint and steel, forged forks, candle holders, iron cauldrons.

Mintage - ancient and medieval coin replicas.