BIATEC, celtic tetradrachm coin

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Replica of Celtic tetradrachm BIATEC.

  • Cast from zinc
  • Opatinated
  • Size approx. 2.7 cm in diameter

Biatec is probably the name of a ruler whose name was minted on Celtic coins by the Boii tribe in the territory of today's Bratislava in the years 60-40 BC.

These were large and high-quality imitations of the Greek hexadrachm or tetradrachm, most often made of silver. The beginning of the production of these coins is probably related to the resettlement of Boii from Bohemia to the Danube plain.

They used to have an inscription written in Latin on the reverse. Most of them are Celtic names (for example NONNOS, DEVIL, BUSU, BUSSUMARUS, TITTO, COISA, COUNOS) and also horse riders or animals (griffin, lion, boar, centaur). The obverse featured one or two human heads.

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