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An artistic smithworks and locksmithworks - flint and steel, jewellery (torques - see the photo), spears and javelins, billycans, horseshoes, cutlery, smith's hammers and clothes racks.

La Tene Necklaces Celtic Torqueses
* required torques measurements: in the last step of your order please let us know your neck circumference (A) and required circumference of the torc (B) - see the picture

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SNAKE- forged iron talisman

Catalog number: FPR02

Your Price: 12.00 €


Snake is mainly in the Celtic culture a symbol of a life after death. It is due to the reason because this animal lives mostly under the ground. For example the God Cernunnos holds in one hand this animal and for this reason Cernunnos is sometimes considered as a guide to the other world. This forged jewel is skillfully forged and covered with a thin layer of wax. Height: 7 cm.

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Catalog number: FPR51

Your Price: 65.00 €


Exclusive Forged and Polished CUTLERY Dining Set of Knife and Skewer for medieval re-enactors. Suitable as a part of your historical outdoor equipment.

  • total length of knife cca 20 cm
  • blade length cca 12 cm

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Catalog number: FPR37

Your Price: 55.00 €

  • length: 23 cm
  • diameter of opening: 3.6 cm

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Catalog number: FPR106

Your Price: 65.00 €


STYLISH Hand Forged OAK LEAF Bowl.

  • Size 31 cm x 15 cm

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Catalog number: FPR92

Your Price: 15.00 €


Hand forged and functional firesteel.

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HEAD OF RAM, hand forged pendant, inspirated by Celtic finds

Catalog number: CPE166

Your Price: 49.00 €


Hand forged Ram's head. Inspired by the finds of Celtic pottery in Serbia and Hungary. The ram has been a long held symbol of leadership. As Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the ram is naturally reinforcing ram-like attributes of authority and dominance.

  • Length: 6 cm

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Forged Serpent, figurine

Catalog number: FPR260

Your Price: 27.00 €


Hand forged Serpent figurine. You can use it for example as a paperweight.

  • Size:  7.4 x 13 cm

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SNAKE, hand forged bracelet

Catalog number: FPR167

Your Price: 19.00 €


Hand Forged Snake Bracelet treated with anticorrosive wax.

  • Diameter: 6.5 cm

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FORK, steel bracelet

Catalog number: FPR166

Your Price: 25.00 €


FORK Steel BRACELET, yes, originally this was a cutlery item.

  • material steel
  • adjustable and flexible

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ISARNO, forged celtic torques

Catalog number: FPR135

Your Price: 49.00 €


Hand forged torc - the jewel of the ancient kings, heroes, druids and the Gods. This jewel is designed and adjusted also for comfortable wearing. You can simply open and close it.

  • black finish with oak bark and treated with anti-corrosive lacquer

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BLACK WIDOW, forged spider figure

Catalog number: FPR179

Your Price: 64.00 €


Hand forged statue of a really disgusting spider :) Width: 20 cm. Material: steel, black anti-rust finish. Hand forged in the Czech Republic.

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CELTIC TORQUES, hand forged torc

Catalog number: FPR130

Your Price: 18.00 €


Hand forged torc - the jewel of the ancient kings, heroes, druids and the Gods. This jewel is designed and adjusted also for comfortable wearing. You can simply open and close it. The torc is hand forged, black finished by oak bark and anti-corrosive lacquer is used.

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PYRAMIDE, forged candlestick

Catalog number: FPR187

Your Price: 53.00 €


Massive forged candlestick for larger candles.

Size: 8 x 8 cm, height: 15 cm, candle diameter: 4.5 cm.

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Medieval Blacksmith Blower

Catalog number: CFT15

Your Price: 120.00 €


Size approx. 45 x 18 cm, 5 cm high.

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Catalog number: FPR121

Your Price: 9.00 €


Forged Little HORSESHOE Lucky Charm.

  • size 4 x 4.5 cm

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Shoehorn, forged, de luxe

Catalog number: FPR250

Your Price: 49.00 €


Forged shoehorn in a stylish design.

  • Length: 70 cm

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Forged TROLL CROSS, large wall decoration

Catalog number: FPR228

Your Price: 85.00 €


So called Troll Cross is a strong protective symbol of the old Scandinavian folklore. It should protect you against trolls and other creatures that lurk in the forest. This pendant protects the wearer against evil in general - protects people, animals and homes.

The wall plaque is based on the rune called Othila: a strong Germanic rune, which translates as "heritage". It is related to its ancestors and to its country.

Size: 13.2 x 21 cm. Material: iron.

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Medieval Dining Skewer

Catalog number: FPR55

Your Price: 13.00 €


Hand forged Medieval Dining Skewer. Size cca 19 cm.

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