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Tentes historiques

Notre offre de tentes historiques couvrent différentes époques de reconstitution historique, pour le théâtre ou des échoppes.

Nous proposons aussi des tipis (tentes traditionnelless amériendiennes).

Nous proposons des devis pour des tentes personnalisées.

Attention! nos tentes sont livrées sans les piquets, qui rendraient l'envoi impossible.

medieval tents

Medieval Tents, Gothic Tents, Medieval Pavilions, Historical Tents, Renaissance Tents

Czech made high-quality historical tents that are made of special tent textile. Tents can be delivered in natural colour (white) or other various colours (usually red, yellow, green, black, blue etc.). Your suggestions for custom made tents are also welcomed (you can set: colours and measurements).

After 10 years in selling tents we decided to open our own workshop. We use normally 300g canvas - antifungal and hydrophobic. For a request we can deliver you also 360g or heavier canvas. We accept custom made orders.

Historical tents



A tipi (also teepee, tepee) is tent that was originally made of animal skins. Most tipis are connected with Native Americans of the Great Plains. Our tents are made of special waterproof tent linen. They are manufactured in the Czech Republic and then can be adapted to your wishes and delivery doesn't include long pine poles which you can simply make on your own.




How to build TEEPEE: - click here (only in Czech)

You can choose style of different Native American tribes (no price changes).

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