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costume and collectors’ daggers

Gothic and Renaissance daggers for collectors usually have a sharp points and sharp blades. These daggers very closely approximate their real historical models. The material used is tempered spring steel with a higher carbon content.

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ROUL, medieval dagger

Catalog number: CDA71

Your Price: 110.00 €


ROUL, medieval dagger. Total lenght 50 cm, lenght of blade 34,5 cm, width of blade 3 cm, lenght of guard 14 cm.

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Baselard Dagger, Basilard Switzerland

Catalog number: CDA85

Your Price: 250.00 €


Basilard - replica of a dagger, Switzerland, 15th century. The total length: 49 cm, length of blade: 29 cm, width of the blade at the guard: 32 mm. Leather sheath with a woooden core included.

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Catalog number: CDA107

Your Price: 145.00 €


Medieval dagger. Leather grip with the stamps. Made of high carbon steel CSN 14 260. Overall length: 46 cm, length of blade: 31 cm. Guard width: 15 cm.

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PUGIO, Roman Dagger, type Pompei

Catalog number: CDA86

Your Price: 85.00 €


PUGIO, Roman Dagger, type Pompei. Overall length: 33 cm, length of blade circa 20.5 cm. Decorative scabbard included. Import.

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DEGENBRECHER, Sword Breaker Dagger, replica

Catalog number: CDA101

Your Price: 220.00 €


Well crafted renaissance replica of a dagger from the XVII. Century. Material is a high carbon spring steel (CSN 14260), hardness: 50 - 52 HRC. Overall length approx. 50 cm, blade: 36 cm, width of the guard: 16 cm.

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FREDRIK, medieval Templar Dagger

Catalog number: CDA109

Your Price: 145.00 €


Medieval sharp forged dagger. High-quality for collector's. Leather grip with the stamps. Made of high carbon steel CSN 14 260. Overall length: 46 cm, length of blade: 31 cm. Guard width: 15 cm.

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MAEG, Celtic anthropomorphic bronze dagger

Catalog number: ASW56

Your Price: 245.00 €


Celtic SWORD or DAGGER Reproduction with Human Body Shaped Bronze Hilt. The original artefact was discovered in 1902 at North Grimston, North Yorkshire, UK, in the grave of a Celtic warrior, along with a shield, a second sword, and a joint of pork.

  • Material: bronze, 54SiCr6 steel
  • Overall length: 41 cm
  • Blade length: 30 cm

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SCIAN - Skean, forged Irish dagger

Catalog number: KNI158

Your Price: 195.00 €


Replica of an Irish fighting long knife - Skean. Inspired the find in the river Shannon, Ireland. Material: high carbon steel, case hardened - 52 - 54 HRC.

Overall length 48 cm, blade length: 35 cm, width of the blade: 4 cm. Weight: 400 g. Manufactured by Arma Epona.

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Bollock dagger, forged, 15th century

Catalog number: CDA108

Your Price: 285.00 €


Replica of a Bollock dagger from the 15th century. The blade is hand forged. Collector's quality. Manufactured in Arma Epona forge.

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RONDEL DAGGER, 15th Century

Catalog number: CDA110

Your Price: 58.00 €


RONDEL DAGGER, 15th Century. Inspiration: this dagger is based on an original that currently resides in the collection of the museum in The Royal Armouries Leeds, UK.

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MORGAN, little dagger

Catalog number: CDA114

Your Price: 16.00 €


MORGAN Small DAGGER with Volute Decorated Pommel and Leather Handle.

  • material: steel, leather
  • length: 10 cm

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Bollock Dagger

Catalog number: CDA112

Your Price: 92.00 €


often found between the XIIIth and XVIIth century in europe, it was particularly used in anglo saxon and german countries.

Sold with it's leather scabbard.

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Renaissance Stiletto Dagger

Catalog number: KNI242

Your Price: 35.00 €


Renaissance Stiletto Dagger with Brass Handle.

  • Hilt: brass
  • Total length: 34 cm
  • Blade length: 25 cm

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Rondel Dagger, Panzerstecher type, XV. century

Catalog number: CDA95

Your Price: 98.00 €


Rondel Dagger, Panzerstecher type, XV. century. Material: spring steel CSN 14 260, hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC. Sword mark: Wulflund.

Overall length: 39 cm, length of the blade: 26 cm.

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GORMALL, Celtic Dagger

Catalog number: KNI250

Your Price: 55.00 €


Gormall Forged Sharp Celtic DAGGER with Leather Handle and Decorative Pommel.

  • Material: 54SiCr6 high carbon steel, leather
  • Blade: sharp

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Catalog number: CDA102

Your Price: 120.00 €


Rondel dagger. Overall length: 40 cm, blade: 26 cm.

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Catalog number: CDA87

Your Price: 79.00 €

High quality forged sharp dagger. Overall size cca 34 cm, blade length cca 21 cm, guard length cca 11.6 cm. Handforged in the Czech Republic.

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MEDIEVAL DAGGER with deer antler, replica

Catalog number: CDA99

Your Price: 117.00 €


Exclusive replica of a dagger. Overall length 49 cm, blade length: 33 cm, width of the guard: 9.5 cm. Material: spring steel CSN 14 260, hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC. Made by Wulflund.

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