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damascus steel knives

Damascus, Damascene or Damasteel – these are all names for Damascene blades. Damascus steel is composed of two or more steels that are folded again and again into one billet. The resulting material has the best qualities of the steels used and unique, unrepeatable patterns appear on its surface. We use highly carbonaceous hard steel in combination with soft steel with a low carbon concent to get the desired results. A blade from Damascene steel excells in its hardness and resistance to abrasion, as well as having unmatched beauty. We manufacture Wulflund’s Damascene blades ourselves in our proprietary Arma Epona smithy.

We use luxury materials for handles - silver, bronze, antlers, meteorite, mammoth bone, horns, local and exotic wood etc.

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SIGURD, damasteel knife - Vikings

Catalog number: KNI196

Your Price: 185.00 €


Soon available.

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FLÓKI, Viking Knife, antler, damascus steel

Catalog number: KNI162

Your Price: 85.00 €


Forged damascus steel knife in a deer antler with carved Viking motifs. Total length: 14.5 cm, length of blade: 7.5 cm.

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CHRONOS, damascus steel knife with meteorite Muonionalusta

Catalog number: KNI147

Your Price: 1 100.00 €


Hand made luxury damast steel knife with a meteorite Muonionalusta and fossil giraffe bone. Leather sheath is included. Hand forged by Arma Epona smithy.

Overall length: 30.5 cm, blade: 18.2 cm, max. width of the blade: 3.8 cm.

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HJÖRTUR, Viking seax knife, damask

Catalog number: KNI170

Your Price: 350.00 €


Luxury damask knife (seax type knife) with a bronze pommel and guard. Overall length: 28.5 cm, length of blade: 17.5 cm. Max. blade width: 2.6 cm, thickness of the blade: 4 mm. Made by our smithy Arma Epona.

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JORUND, Damascus steel knife, sterling silver

Catalog number: KNI153

Your Price: 580.00 €


Viking Damascus Knife. Hand made knife inspired by the viking finds (shape of blade, filigree sterling silver pommel and guard) and Scandinavian nature (elk antler, Finnish birch). Overall length: 30 cm, blade: 16.5 cm. Hand made by Ondrej Piskacek, Arma Epona Smithy.

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HEIMDALL, Damascus steel knife

Catalog number: KNI154

Your Price: 480.00 €


Viking Damascus Knife. Hand made knife inspired by Finnish knives and Scandinavian nature (elk antler, Finnish birch). Overall length: 24.5 cm, blade: 11.5 cm. Hand made by Ondrej Piskacek, Arma Epona Smithy.

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EARNAN, Celtic anthropomorphic bronze dagger, damascus steel

Catalog number: ASW57

Your Price: 550.00 €


Reproduction of a Celtic sword or a dagger with anthropoid hilt, discovered in 1902 at North Grimston (Ryedale district, North Yorkshire, UK). The sword was found in the grave of a Celtic warrior, along with a shield, a second sword, and a joint of pork (Hull and East Riding Museum).

Overall length: 41 cm, blade: 30 cm. Damascus steel is made by our smithy - Arma Epona smithy.

Earnan - Irish name for "iron".

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VIKING damasteel knife, hand carved in antler

Catalog number: KNI76

Your Price: 265.00 €


VIKING KNIFE.Custom made knife - you can set required size during the last step of your order. Hand carved knife from antler button. Damast steel. Made in the Czech Republic.

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Catalog number: APW44

Your Price: 89.00 €


Light battle ready weapon. Overall size: 60 cm, length of the head: 12 cm, weight: 1,1 kg.

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