BUHURT, HMB falchion

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(catalogue number: MSW208)

This blunt replica was made by a special request to be used during the World Sword Fighting Championship - Battle of Nations. In this context, the extra thick blade unbalances the weapon, but makes it as useful as a mace to stun the opponents though the armor.

Historical Falchions were nimble and light, the same weight as a sword, contrarily to what the shape could indicate. Their thin blade, with only one cutting edge was very good at cutting through layers of cloth, but nearly unusable against mail and plate armor. Against those, you would chose pointy weapons, hoping to drive it through the holes of the armour. Their balance was similar to that of a classical sword.

  • Material: case hardened, high carbon spring steel 54SiCr6
  • Hardness 50 - 52 HRC
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