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Forged knives, medieval seax knives. The majority of the knives we carry are forged and quite a few of them are replicas of historic knives inspired by findings at different archaeological digs (especially our Slavic, Viking, and Celtic knives).

Knife is as old as humanity itself. The first specimens of knives were made from knapped flint or obsidian way back in the Palaeolithic Period. Since this time knives have become such a part of our daily lives that we almost always take them for granted. Still, these small and very useful objects have won their way into our affections, especially among those who still consider themselves “hunters and gatherers” in some sense. In the Czech Republic we say that “every real man has to have a knife with him,” though of course the ladies also find many uses for this most versatile tool and weapon. Which one from our collection will you choose?

We endeavour to stock knives for our customers that have not only a personality but also a kindred soul. In order to fuse such a spirit into it we take inspiration from the old ways and usually adhere to traditional methods of manufacture. The cutler (artisan of knives) is very important, as well as the production techniques in ensuring that the piece will both serve and provide pleasure in its use. Try one and you will see.

We use several types of steel: spring steel, which is renowned for its outstanding hardness and flexibility, the carbon content of about 0.6 % and tool steel alloy with a carbon content around 0.8% provides great cutting power and resistance to wear.

Knives make up the greater part of our smithy’s production, but we also make Viking long knives with bone handles (called Seax or scramasax). These knives were so important to the Germanic peoples in the period of migration that they actually lent their name to the Saxon peoples and, by extension, some of the lands they once ruled over (Essex, Wessex, Middlesex…).

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Viking Folding Knife, Birka, replica

Catalog number: KNI255

Your Price: 55.00 €


Replica of Viking Folding Knife from Birka, Sweden, 9th-10th century.

  • Size folded: 2.5 x 8.3 cm
  • Overall length: 13.6 cm
  • Blade length: 5.4 cm
  • Arma Epona smithy, Prague, Czech Republic

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HAMR, forged knife

Catalog number: KNI266

Your Price: 57.00 €


Hamr Small Handmade KNIFE with Forged Blade.

  • Material 54SiCr6 high-carbon steel
  • Grip: wood
  • Overall length: 14.5 cm
  • Blade length: 7.5 cm
  • Made by Arma Epona smithy, Prague, Czech Republic

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ROLLON - Viking Folding Knife

Catalog number: KNI262

Your Price: 55.00 €


Viking Folding Knife.

  • Size (folded): 1.8 x 10.5 cm
  • Overall length: 17.5 cm
  • Blade length: 8 cm
  • Manufacturer: Arma Epona smithy, Prague, the Czech Republic

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Slavic Folding Knife, Pohansko, Great Moravia - replica

Catalog number: KNI261

Your Price: 55.00 €


Replica of Slavic Folding Knife from Pohansko, Great Moravia, 9th-10th century.

  • Size (folded): 2.2 x 7.7 cm
  • Overall length: 13.5 cm
  • Blade: 6 cm
  • Manufacturer: Arma Epona smithy

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Knife and fork, de luxe set

Catalog number: KNI280

Your Price: 125.00 €


Luxurious Forged Set of Knife and Fork.

  • Material: steel, wood, antler, brass

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SINDRI, viking knife

Catalog number: KNI249

Your Price: 100.00 €


Viking KNIFE with Carved Horn Handle.

  • material steel, horn
  • total length 35 cm (13.8 in)
  • blade length 18.5 cm (7.28 in)
  • blade width at handle 1.7 cm (7/10 in)
  • max. blade width 2.4 cm (0.9 in)
  • blade thickness 3 mm (1/100 in)

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SEAX, pre-viking long knife, replica from Haithabu

Catalog number: KNI117

Your Price: 185.00 €


Exact copy of a PRE-VIKING Forged SEAX. Original blade incl. the guard was found in Haithabu (Hedeby) and comes from the 7th-8th century. Wooden handle is made from one piece.

  • Blade: 54SiCr6 high carbron spring steel
  • Hilt: wood
  • Overall length: 61 cm
  • Blade: 48.5 cm
  • Max. width: 4 cm
  • Weight 650 g
  • Sharp version

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COMGAL, hand forged Celtic knife

Catalog number: KNI274

Your Price: 43.00 €


Hand Forged Celtic KNIFE with Leather Wrapped Handle inspired by artefacts found in Celtic settlements from the Iron Age Europe.

  • Material: 54SiCr6 steel, leather
  • Overall length: 20 cm
  • Blade length: 10 cm
  • Blade thickness: 4 mm

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SAURUS, forged cleaver, knife

Catalog number: KNI202

Your Price: 115.00 €


SAURUS Hand Forged CLEAVER KNIFE with Buffalo Horn Handle.

  • Material: 54SiCr6 hight carbon spring steel, buffalo horn

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LINKUS, forged knife

Catalog number: KNI256

Your Price: 57.00 €


Linkus Small Handmade Knife with Forged Blade and Rivetted Wooden Handle.

  • Blade material: high-carbon steel 54SiCr6
  • Grip material: wood
  • Overall length: 13.5 cm
  • Blade length: 7.5 cm
  • Made by Arma Epona smithy

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DECIMUS, hand forged knife

Catalog number: KNI276

Your Price: 65.00 €


Hand Forged KNIFE with Wooden Handle.

  • Material: 54SiCr6 steel, wood
  • Overall length: 22 cm
  • Blade length: 11 cm
  • Blade thickness: 4 mm

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CELTIC LONG KNIFE, oppidum Zavist

Catalog number: KNI200

Your Price: 95.00 €


A reproduction of a Celtic knife found on Oppidum Závist, Bohemia, the Czech Rep. Only the blade was found. Compared to the original, we have increased the length so the knife can be usable as a "seax".

  • Material: spring steel 54SiCr6, deer antler
  • Blade length approx. 20 cm
  • Max. width of the blade: 3 cm

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LEIF, forged Scandinavian knife

Catalog number: KNI198

Your Price: 145.00 €


Forged KNIFE with Bronze Decorated Handle inspired by the Viking Age artefacts crafted in the Borre style. The metal fittings are cast in bronze using the lost wax method.

  • Material of the blade: high-carbon spring steel (54SiCr6)
  • Material of the grip: wood, bronze
  • Overall length approx. 20 cm

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SIRIUS, forged knife

Catalog number: KNI257

Your Price: 57.00 €


Small Handmade KNIFE with Forged Blade and Lanyard Hole.

  • Blade material 54SiCr6 high-carbon steel
  • Handle material wood
  • Overall length 13.5 cm
  • Blade 7.5 cm
  • Made by our Arma Epona smithy in Prague, the Czech Republic

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SCIAN - Skean, forged Irish dagger

Catalog number: KNI158

Your Price: 195.00 €


Skean Irish Fighting Long Knife inspired by an artefact recovered from the river Shannon, Ireland.

  • Material high carbon steel, case hardened - 52 - 54 HRC
  • Overall length 48 cm
  • Blade length 35 cm
  • Blade width 4 cm
  • Weight 400 g
  • Manufactured by Arma Epona Smithy, Czech Rep

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RHINOS, knife

Catalog number: KNI203

Your Price: 110.00 €


RHINOS - we created an everyday use knife paying special attention to make a practical item still using the traditional handmaking methods.

  • Blade lenght 12 cm, total lenght 22 cm
  • Material spring steel 54SiCr, turkey walnut
  • Arma Epona Smithy

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VLAD, early medieval forged knife

Catalog number: KNI161

Your Price: 155.00 €


Hand forged luxury early medieval knife (Viking, Slavic) with bronze knife fittings of our production. Wooden handle: walnut. Overall length: 23 cm.

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DAMAST KNIFE, deer antler

Catalog number: KNI82

Your Price: 112.00 €


DAMAST KNIFE, deer antler. Blade: 7.5 cm. Overall length aprox. 19.5 cm. Material: steel: 19312 and 12050. Approx. cca 120 layers. Hand made in the Czech Rep.

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