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maces, war hammers

Maces and war hammers - medieval weapons.

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NAILED MACE, medieval weapon

Catalog number: APW159

Your Price: 115.00 €


Mace with a wooden handle nicknamed  by us a back sratcher.

  • Length: 60 cm

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BULAWA, bronze mace with wooden shaft

Catalog number: LEA87

Your Price: 65.00 €


Replica of a Mace (Bulawa) from the 11th-12th century. Favorite weapon of cavalry and light infantry. Similar maces were found in Germany, Hungary and present day Ukraine dating back to the 12th - 13th century.

  • The head is cast in bronze
  • Length: 51 cm
  • Size of the head: 4.5 x 6 cm
  • Total weight: 0.7 kg

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DAGR, Medieval War Hammer

Catalog number: APW164

Your Price: 185.00 €


Precisely crafted and to the smallest detail decorated Medieval War Hammer. This weapon was mainly used to crush armor plates, a very effective and often fatal weapon.

  • Total length: 61 cm
  • Hammer head dimensions: 23 cm
  • Czech production

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BULAWA, bronze mace

Catalog number: APW146

Your Price: 45.00 €


Replica of a mace (bulawa) from the 11th-12th century, a favorite weapon with cavalry and light infantry. Similar maces were found in Germany, Hungary and present day Ukraine (12th - 13th century). The head is cast in bronze.

  • size: 4.5 x 6 cm
  • diameter of opening for the shaft: 2.5 cm

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KALICH, medieval Mace

Catalog number: APW165

Your Price: 165.00 €


Precisely and down to the smallest detail crafted medieval mace.

  • Total length: 70 cm
  • Dimensions of the mace head: 9 x 23 cm
  • Czech production

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EUROPEAN MACE with wooden handle, replica

Catalog number: APW71

Your Price: 125.00 €


EUROPEAN MACE Replica with wooden handle, very dangerous weapon, for collector's or decoration only.

  • overall length approx. 67 cm
  • lenght of head 19 cm
  • weight 1.4 kg
  • handmade in the Czech Republic

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Streithammer, medieval two handed hammer

Catalog number: APW118

Your Price: 215.00 €


2-Meter-Long Medieval German War Hammer.

  • we can make BLUNT battle ready axe with rounded and blunt spikes on request, for no additonal fee
  • made by Wulflund armoury, Czech Rep.

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SINGLE HAND WAR HAMMER, simple version

Catalog number: APW70

Your Price: 134.00 €


The hammer is designed for display and collectors only.

  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Length: 62 cm
  • Length of the head: 23 cm

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Catalog number: APW173

Your Price: 110.00 €


Medieval Mace for HMB.

  • Head mace diameter 11 cm  
  • Head mace height 8 cm
  • Overall length 51 cm
  • Weight approx. 1 kg
  • Manufactured by Arma Epona Smithy

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War Hammer for HMB

Catalog number: APW171

Your Price: 140.00 €


War Hammer for HMB.

  • Width from blade to butt: 23 cm
  • Blade length: 29 cm
  • Butt diameter: 5 cm
  • Manufactured by Arma Epona Smithy

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BULAWA, Medieval Mace

Catalog number: APW166

Your Price: 105.00 €


Precisely and down to the smallest detail crafted Medieval Mace.

  • Total length: 61 cm
  • Dimensions of the mace head: 6 x 8 cm
  • Czech production

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Catalog number: APW11

Your Price: 129.00 €


A very dangerous weapon popular in Germany and Switzerland.

  • Small-scale production
  • Size: 59 cm x 24 cm

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MACE, replica of a medieval weapon

Catalog number: APW101

Your Price: 120.00 €


Historical replica of a steel mace.

  • Size: 55 cm

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MEDIEVAL MACE, exact museum copy

Catalog number: APW100

Your Price: 118.00 €


Museum copy of a medieval mace.

  • Overall length 58 cm
  • Steel part is covered with patina

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MACE, about year 1550, replica of a find

Catalog number: APW102

Your Price: 115.00 €

  • overall lenght: 60 cm
  • lenght of head: 15 cm
  • weight: 1.66 kg

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Catalog number: APW50

Your Price: 145.00 €

  • Total length: 62 cm

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MACE - Medieval Weapon

Catalog number: APW45

Your Price: 120.00 €

  • overall lenght approx. 60 cm
  • lenght of the head 14 cm
  • weight 1.58 kg

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