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saex knives, scramasax

Viking long knives - seax.

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SEAX, hand forged long knife, antler, sharp replica

Catalog number: KNI113

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Hand forged early medieval seax with antler handle (European deer). This kind of weapon/tool was used during Viking and Anglo-Saxon Age as a weapon and as a tool for everyday usage (chopping wood etc.). We manufactured this knife sharp for usage in wilderness. Overall length: 40 cm. Blade width: 2.5 cm. Material: high carbon spring steel.

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Anglo-Saxon of Beagnoth, runes, leather sheath

Catalog number: KNI168

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The Seax of Beagnoth (the Thames scramasax) is a 9th century Anglo-Saxon seax, it was found in the River Thames in 1857 and now the original knife is deposited at the British Museum in London. There is on the blade inscription of the twenty-eight letter Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet. This replica is based on the dimensions of the original. Leather sheath is included. Overall length: 94 cm. Not sharpened, not tempered - decorative blunt replica.

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Seax of Beagnoth, without inscription

Catalog number: KNI197

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The original Seax of Beagnoth (Thames scramasax) is a long single-edged knife from 10th-century (Anglo-Saxon). It was found in the River Thames in 1857 (now exhibited at the British Museum in London). It is a prestige weapon with inlaid copper, bronze and silver wire. There is an inscription of the twenty-eight letter Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet on one side of the blade, as well as the name "Beagnoth" in runic letters.

Our replica does not contain the runic inscription. The handle was not preserved on the original weapon, we took inspiration for our knife handle from a seax now exhibited at the Ulm Museum, Germany.

  • Material: high-carbon spring steel 54SiCr6
  • Total length: 72cm
  • Blade length: 55cm
  • Max. blade thickness: 5mm
  • Max. blade width: 4.2mm
  • Wooden handle: 4.2 x 18.2 cm (2 cm thick)
  • Blade: sharp
  • Manufactured by Arma Epona smithy

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Catalog number: VSW21

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Hand forged viking or anglo-saxon scramasax (seax knife) that is constructed especially for the re-enactment purposes in a blunt version. Hardness of used steel approx. 55 HRC.  Material: high carbon spring steel. Pommel is riveted. Overall length: 65 cm, blade: 50.5 cm, weight: 1 kg. Made by Arma Epona smithy.

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ARVID, long knife - seax

Catalog number: KNI180

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Forged sharp seax. Overall length: 57.5 cm, length of blade: 45.5 cm. Blade width: 4 cm.

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DAGUR, forged viking scramasax

Catalog number: KNI171

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Long hand forged viking knife (sax or scramasax). The handle is made of deer antler. Overall length: 50 cm.

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ERLING, scramasax

Catalog number: KNI214

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This seax is constructed especially for the re-enactment purposes (in a blunt version).

  • Overall length: 60 cm
  • Blade length: 46.5 cm
  • Width at the guard: 3.9 cm
  • Thickness of blade back: 4mm
  • Handle: leather, hand sewn
  • Manufacturer: Arma Epona

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VIKING SEAX, Thames, London, replica

Catalog number: KNI201

Your Price: 125.00 €


An exact replica of sax found in England on the banks of the River Thames in London. The original can be classified into the period 900-1000 CE.

  • Handle material: ash
  • Overall length: 35 cm
  • Blade length: 23.2 cm
  • Width at the guard: 3 cm
  • Thickness of blade back: 6mm
  • Production: Arma Epona

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GRÍMUS, forged Viking Seax

Catalog number: KNI70

Your Price: 230.00 €


Hand forged viking long knife (seax). Decorated on one side of the blade. Handmade in the Czech Republic.

  • Overall length: 40 cm
  • Blade: 25.5 cm
  • Handle: deer antler (length 14.5 cm, antler: 10.5 cm)
  • Pommel (3.3 x 3.5 cm)
  • Arma Epona smithy

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Catalog number: KNI30

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This knife was made on the basis of a find of a knife from Great Moravian times (8th century). Its blade is a replica of a blade from the locality of Levy Hradec. Decoration of knife-handle is borrowed from a decorated knife-handle that was found near locality of Stare Mesto u Uherskeho Hradiste. Total length: 35 cm, blade: 23 cm. Knife is hand-hammered.

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Catalog number: SWA46

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Exact copy of a Germanian scramasax. Overall length: 68 cm, blade: 56 cm. Weight: 680 g.

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SEAX, pre-viking long knife, replica from Haithabu

Catalog number: KNI117

Your Price: 185.00 €


Exact copy of a pre-viking forged seax. Original blade incl. the guard was found in Haithabu (Hedeby) and comes from the 7th-8th century. Wooden handle is made from one piece.

  • Overall length: 61 cm.
  • Blade: 48.5 cm.
  • Max. width: 4 cm.
  • Weight 650 g.
  • Sharp version.

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VIKING SEAX, wooden handle

Catalog number: KNI01

Your Price: 125.00 €


A sharp replica of the Viking Seax – a typical weapon of Norsemen. This piece is inspired by a Seax found in southern England. Length: 39 cm.

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ELVAR, forged seax

Catalog number: KNI172

Your Price: 125.00 €


Massive long knife - sharp seax. Working tool. Overall length: 40 cm, blade length: 27 cm, max. Blade width: 5.8 cm.

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