ancient swords - celtic, roman

Ancient swords - celtic, roman

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  • FALX, Dacian Sickle, Two Handed Weapon

    Catalogue number: ASW29
    Price: 195.00 €
    Availability: 2 weeks
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    Functional Combat Falx. Falx is a Latin name for a sickle. In the hands of the ancient Dacian and Thracian warriors a very effective weapon (one or two handed). Examples of Falx are depicted on Trajan column. material high carbon spring steel 54SiCr6 hardness 50 - 52 HRC overall length 125 cm …
  • Celtic La Tene Forged Sword, reproduction

    Catalogue number: ASW28
    Price: 260.00 €
    Availability: 3-4 weeks
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    CELTIC La Tene SWORD Reproduction of an Iron Age sword very close to the original artefacts. The sword design is simple and you can decorate the wooden guard and pommel with brass or iron nails to resemble the original ones. This sword is not influenced by fantasy or hallstatt-like swords.…
  • CELTIC SWORD, La Tene, replica of the sword from the Iron Age

    Catalogue number: ASW27
    Price: 320.00 €
    Availability: In stock
    Well crafted Celtic Sword for Collectors, the blade is tempered. overall length approx. 85 cm length of blade approx. 69 cm blade width 5.1 cm blade BLUNT

    Catalogue number: ASW22
    Price: 585.00 €
    Price before discount: 620.00 €
    Availability: In stock
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    Unique Sharp Gladiator Arm for collector's. material: blade - high carbon steel, arm - brass overall size 97 cm blade length approx. 60 cm blade SHARP manufactured in the Czech Republic

    Catalogue number: ASW20
    Price: 105.00 €
    Price before discount: 120.00 €
    Availability: Unavailable
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    Roman Gladius Sword with Scabbard. This sword is supplied with a blunt edge but the end point is sharp - not intended for combat. Overall length 69 cm length of blade: 47 cm width of blade at the guard: 4 cm width of guard 6 cm point of balance approxs 8 cm below the guard weight: 0,74 kg
  • GLADIUS SWORD, type Mainz with scabbard, sharp replica

    Catalogue number: ASW17
    Price: 135.00 €
    Availability: Unavailable
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    GLADIUS Type Mainz SWORD with Scabbard with sharp point for decoration, stage play or as part of a costume. blade material steel overall length approx. 75 cm
  • NORICUM, Celtic, La Tene Sword, sharp replica

    Catalogue number: ASW16
    Price: 335.00 €
    Availability: Unavailable

    Sharp Celtic SWORD for Collectors.

    • Material high carbon steel, wood and bone
    • Total length 80 cm
    • Handmade in Bohemia (Czech Rep.)
  • The Greek Kopis, sword

    Catalogue number: ASW13
    Price: 169.00 €
    Availability: 2 weeks
    The Greek Kopis Sword. The blade is welded together with the pommel and guard, wooden grip is riveted. Constructed for stage combat. material high carbon spring steel 54SiCr6 hardness 50 - 52 HRC overall size: 77 cm length of a blade 59 width of blade at the guard: 5 cm point of balance…
  • Sword of the Tumulus, Hallstatt Culture

    Catalogue number: ASW11
    Price: 160.00 €
    Availability: In stock
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    Ancient Sword inspired by bronze swords of Hallstatt culture. We normally supply the sword with slightly sharp blade and the edge of the blade for collector's and stage play but we can make the blade ticker with rounded point so you can use the sword as a functional combat weapon. material iron…
  • CELTIC SWORD, battle ready

    Catalogue number: ASW10
    Price: 185.00 €
    Availability: In stock
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    Functional Combat Sword of Celtic Design with Riveted Pommel. materia: high carbon steel 54SiCr6 hardness: 50 - 52 HRC overall length approx. 95 cm blade length approx. 77 cm width of guard 11 cm point of balance approx. 11 cm below the guard weight 1.1 kg
  • Pompeii Gladius, forged replica

    Catalogue number: ASW09
    Price: 530.00 €
    Availability: In 1 week
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    Sharp Pompeii Type Gladius for Collectors. This type of sword was first identified among Pompeii artefacts, however the design of this Gladius is based on an exhibit in the Museum of Nijmegen, Netherlands. The blade is forged, decorated with engraved brass patronage, hand-carved head of the sword,…
  • BRENNUS, forged Celtic Sword

    Catalogue number: ASW04
    Price: 250.00 €
    Price before discount: 253.00 €
    Availability: In stock
    Forged Hand-hammered SWORD inspired by Celtic antropomorphic swords, blunt and constructed for historical fencing. Brenus was a Celtic chieftain who captured Rome. material forged case hardened steel, leather overall length 79 cm length of blade 65 cm width of guard 10 cm width of blade at the…
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