ancient swords - celtic, roman

Ancient swords - celtic, roman

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    Catalogue number: ASW32
    Price: 105.00 €
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    POMPEII GLADIUS SWORD with scabbard. This sword is supplied with a blunt edge, but it is not allowed to use it for fight.

    • Overall length circa 75 cm
  • KOPIS, ancient Greek sword, collectible replica

    Catalogue number: ASW31
    Price: 115.00 €
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    Blunt Greek KOPIS Sword for collectors or stage play.

    • overall length 64 cm
    • blade 51 cm

    Catalogue number: ASW22
    Price: 585.00 €
    Price before discount: 635.00 €
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    Unique Sharp Gladiator Arm for collector's. material: blade - high carbon steel, arm - brass overall size 97 cm blade length approx. 60 cm blade SHARP manufactured in the Czech Republic

    Catalogue number: ASW20
    Price: 105.00 €
    Price before discount: 125.00 €
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    Roman Gladius Sword with scabbard. This sword is supplied with a blunt edge, but it is but allowed to use it for combat. Overall length 69 cm, length of a blade: 47, width of the blade at the guard: 4 cm, width of a guard 6 cm, point of balance approx 8 cm below the guard, weight: 0,74 kg.
  • SPATHA with scabbard

    Catalogue number: ASW21
    Price: 105.00 €
    Price before discount: 113.00 €
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    Sharp SPATHA with Scabbard not intended for reenactment.

    • overall length approx. 74 cm
    • blade approx. 53 cm
  • FALCATA with Scabbard and Knife, 4th century Old Age

    Catalogue number: ASW19
    Price: 95.00 €
    Price before discount: 115.00 €
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    Blunt FALCATA with Scabbard and Knife for Collectors or Stage Play. Falcata was a weapon of the pre-Roman Hispania and the Romans learned to fear this weapon during their conquest of Hispania. This reproduction features falcata with wooden grip and brass pommel in the shape of horse head, wooden…
  • GLADIUS SWORD, type Mainz with scabbard, sharp replica

    Catalogue number: ASW17
    Price: 135.00 €
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    GLADIUS Type Mainz SWORD with Scabbard with sharp point for decoration, stage play or as part of a costume. blade material steel overall length approx. 75 cm
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