ancient swords - celtic, roman

Ancient swords - celtic, roman

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  • CELTIC WARRIOR'S SET - sword, scabbard, belt, museum replica

    Catalogue number: ASW51
    Price: 550.00 €
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    CELTIC WARRIOR SET includes Celtic La Tene Sword, Iron Scabbard, Forged and Leather Belts. The sharp sword is of collector's and museum quality. Handcrafted in the fatherland of the Celtic Boii tribes, Bohemia (Czech Republic). material oak wood and forged blade overall length 87 cm blade…
  • Celtic La Tene Forged Sword, reproduction

    Catalogue number: ASW28
    Price: 260.00 €
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    CELTIC La Tene SWORD Reproduction of an Iron Age sword very close to the original artefacts. The sword design is simple and you can decorate the wooden guard and pommel with brass or iron nails to resemble the original ones. This sword is not influenced by fantasy or hallstatt-like swords.…
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