Scabbard for Viking Sword with wooden core

In stock 3 - 4 pcs
(catalogue number: SWA53)

Scabbard for Viking era sword.

Scabbard entierly made by hand by a french Craftsman. It will be custom made for any sword of our offer. If you had any special order, like an archeologic evidence you would like to reproduce, or an illumination, please, send us your request.

Sewing, tooling and Dying made by hand. The design is inspired from toolings found on knife sheaths of the migration period, found in York.

Between your order and the end of the production, there will be approximatively two weeks.

Material : wood, leather, linen.

LUXURIOUS DECORATED SWORD BOX - wooden from oak, illuminated
$701.66 Catalogue number: SWA77 3-4 weeks
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