Halishte, traditional Balkan rug, 130 x 125 cm

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(catalogue number: WTS21)

Halishte is a unique hand-woven rug. It is exceptionally warm and can be used as a carpet, a bed or a sofa cover, or a wall decor. It is made from wool of a special breed of sheep from the Balkan Mountains. Individual locks of wool are woven into a base fabric giving halishte better thermal insulating properties than a sheep skin. Halishte has had a long tradition in the Balkan region and in the past was considered a symbol of wealth.

Halishte can be used both in an interior or an exterior. It will also look amazing in a tent of a Celtic Chieftain, Roman Centurion as well as a Viking Jarl or a Medieval nobleman.

  • Size: 125 x 125 cm
  • Imported by Wulflund

Care: you can hoover the rug on a low setting, hand wash, max 25 °C.

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