CICADA, Roman-Germanic pendant, bronze

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(catalogue number: BHJ1719)

Roman or Germanic cicada pendant inspired by finds from the time of the Migration of Nations, 5th century.

The shape was taken from a brooch with a cicada, brooches were used to fasten the clothing of Roman or Germanic ladies. The brooch was used for this purpose in a pair on the shoulders. During the period of the Migration of Peoples, the brooch cicada is mainly represented in the costumes of children and young women.

Cicadas were considered a symbol of resurrection and were placed in the tomb of the deceased as jade jewellery in ancient China. The shape was often used in the Black Sea region, Pannonia and by the time of the Roman occupation it had spread to Great Britain and all of Europe.

For the Romans, the cicada was an attribute of the god Apollo. The cicada is seen as a symbol of life.

  • Size: 2,3 x 3,2 cm
  • Weight approx. 5g
  • Material: bronze

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