Privacy protection

Who is the seller

Drakkaria s.r.o., Neklanova 14, Praha 2, 128 00, Czech Republic. Business Identification Number: 03602524

Who is a customer

Any person who places an order for goods at the web page

Data security

We (the seller) guarantee that all information concerning the customer and his transactions made on our web page ( are secured against misuse.  We won’t pass this data on to a third party without the customer's consent.

All information concerning credit cards is transmitted through the SSL protocol and therefore secured against misuse.

Your visit of

Your IP address, time of visit, browser and resolution are logged.  We use this data just for the statistics to build a better page for you.  We don’t share this data with any other party.


During registration you can check off that you agree with sending Newsletters (new products, special offers, common info).  We guarantee that your e-mail address will not be sold, rented, lent or used in any other way other than mailing you the Newsletters.  If you want to cancel sending Newsletters write your request at

Extraordinary newsletters

We are allowed to use the information that we receive from the completed order-form (namely your e-mail) to inform you about very important functionality changes of our Web site.  We will also send you information via e-mail that we find very useful for you (at the most a few times a year), I mean for example our presence in the medieval markets in your country, exhibitions or trade fairs.  If you would rather not receive these extraordinary e-mails, please check off that you don’t want to receive them.