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Viking Drinking and Signal Horns.  Drinking horns are polished with interior lacquer to pass European food laws.  We offer also accessories for these horn products (leather or forged horn holders).

After years of seeking a source for cow horns that would meet our standards for quality, colour and shape, we can finally boast of having the Czech Republic's largest inventory.  We have amassed such a trove not only because we sell them directly, but also because we make our own products from them, such as our engraved drinking horns.  Some of our Viking horns are embellished with tin bands and terminals.

Origin and Processing of the Horns:
The horns we use come from regions where cattle have long horns, which is not generally true of common European breeds.  For this reason, we import quality raw material from Africa, South America and India.  In the Czech Republic the horns are first stripped of their insides, and then any cracked or otherwise unsightly layers are sanded off.  The final stage for drinking horns (though not blowing horns) is lacquering the inside with a special coluorless food-safe lacquer. The result is an original product that fulfils its intended function and is a joy to use.  We should also mention that we have certificates attesting to the safety of the materials used.

We offer very attractive conditions to those of you who would like to supply a restaurant or who intend to resell the horns.

From the left: Schnaps Horn - 0,2 L - 0,4 L - 1 L - Signal Horn 56 cm - Signal Horn 38 cm

drinking horns

Viking Drinking Horns | Carved, holders, Pagan Store

Celtic and Viking drinking horns with engraved patterns. Each horn can be accessorized with a leather holder or a forged stand. If you don’t care for the ones in stock we can also decorate horns according to your whims.

Each horn is a unique product of Nature and it isn’t always possible to supply one that looks just like the photograph. Do not put hot liquids (above 60 °C) into your horn. When you’re done drinking from it you can wash it out with cold or tepid water, but and please do not put it into the dishwasher! Clean it gently without the use of sharp or rough scrubbing objects. The horns’ inside surface has been treated with a special colourless food-safe lacquer.

signal horns

Viking Signal Horns | Blowing Horn | Pagan Shop

Signal or blowing cow Horns (Winding Horns or Blast Horns).

Blowing Horn belongs to one of the oldest musical instruments, sound is generated by buzzing the lips. One of the oldest animal horn was dicovered in a bog in Visnum (Sweden), almsot 1500 years before present. Using of these horns gives a special atmosphere to re-enactment or LARP battles.

Signal Horns - Blowing Horns

A blowing horn is a horn with a length of at least 30 cm and has its end cut off. Our blowing horns have all been stripped inside and polished on the outside. Don’t expect to be a master at blowing your own horn on the first try - and if you do manage, then congratulations! You’ve got natural talent :-)  It’s important how you press your lips to the horn, which is done in a similar way to playing a reed instrument like a saxophone. Lick your lips lightly and pucker them up (Ooh, yes, just like that!) then put your upper lip into the opening of the horn. Take a good, deep breath and begin to smoothly exhale into the horn. Your lips will vibrate in the same way as when you “blow a raspberry” (make a rude noise). However, don’t press too hard - easy does it. The horns produce various tones - each one is different - and in order to find the position from which yours will sound best, you’ll have to try moving it around a little, and trying slightly different positions with your lips within the mouthpiece while practicing.

Warning: do not blow on your horn out in the countryside, especially when it’s dark or there’s a fog on the ground. Some of your neighbours might take fright; especially those who have seen the film The 13th Warrior...Look out everyone, the Wendols are coming!

horns with tin

Drinking Horns | Decorated Metal Viking Celtic

Drinking horns made from cows’ horns decorated with patterns on tin alloy metal. The horns are sanded and polished by hand and treated on the inside with a food-safe lacquer.  Each horn is a unique product of Nature, and it isn’t always possible to supply one that looks just like the photograph.

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