costumes for men

Costumes for men

Historical and fantasy gentlemen clothing and headwear.

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  • Viking Tunic with Embroidery, Gotland

    Catalogue number: CLM66
    Price: 135.00 €
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    Woolen viking tunic decorated with embroidery regarding design from Gotland (Sweden). You can close up the slit at the neck with brass clasp, which looks nice and you will find it handy during winter. All visible stitches are hand sewn with linen thread. We are suppliing the tunic in sizes: S, M, L…
  • Viking - Varangian trousers, Birka

    Catalogue number: CLM65
    Price: 155.00 €
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    Woolen viking pants, exact reconstruction of pants found in Birka (Sweden), used mainly by Swedish vikings called Varangians in the East. The amount of woolen cloth used reflects something about wealth of their owner. These trousers offer very comfortable wearing. All visible stitches are hand sewn…
  • HOOD, double layers, wool and linen, Norway

    Catalogue number: CLM50
    Price: 59.00 €
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    Woolen viking hood, replica from Skjoldehamn (Norway,X - XI. Century). Hood is outsewn with linen cloth and all visible stitches are hand sewn with linen thread. Very practical not only during winter, you find it comfortable during long sitting along the campfire in the summer nights while…
  • Viking cap from Birka

    Catalogue number: CLM70
    Price: 49.00 €
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    Viking woolen cap made according to find from Birka. Cap is sewn from 6 parts and all visible seams are hand-sewn with linen thread, the lining is made of linen fabric.Material: wool, linen.

  • Viking Cap with heddle belt, Birka

    Catalogue number: CLM64
    Price: 59.00 €

    Woolen viking cap with heddle belt, exact replica from Birka (Sweden) findings. Cap is rimmed with heddle belt. Cap is outsoled with linen cloth and all visible stitches are hand-made with linen thread. Material: wool, linen.

  • Medieval Pants, wool

    Catalogue number: CLM69
    Price: 98.00 €
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    Woolen pants were traditional base of every male clothing. Used colours were carefully picked as those are the most common colours used in medieval fashion. Pants are sewn from very comfortable wool and are flexible with excellent mobility.Required measurements: Circuits of thigh, knee, calf, ankle…
  • Viking Tunic, wool, with embroidery

    Catalogue number: CLM74
    Price: 115.00 €

    Viking woolen tunic decorated with embroidery. All visible seams are sewn by hand.

  • Medieval woolen Hood

    Catalogue number: CLM71
    Price: 79.00 €
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    Medieval hoods from wool were common part of every male and female clothes. There were several designs including this one, which is very elegant for more wealthy people. Thats why we choosed red wool and undersew it with green linen. Hoodes were not only fashion, but very practival piece of cloth…
  • Viking Cap with Embroidery, fox fur - Valsgarde

    Catalogue number: CLM62
    Price: 89.00 €
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    Woolen viking cap decorated with silk and embroidery regarding to Valsgarde (Sweden) decorations found. Cap is rimmed with fox fur and outsoled with linen cloth and all visible stitches are hand-made with linen thread. Material: wool, silk, linen.
  • Viking Cap with Embroidery, fox fur - Birka

    Catalogue number: CLM63
    Price: 89.00 €
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    Viking Woollen Cap decorated with silk and embroidery inspired by an artefact from Birka, Sweden. material: wool, silk, linen, fur rimmed with fox fur linen lining all visible stitches are hand-sewn with linen thread
  • Medieval Tunic, wool

    Catalogue number: CLM73
    Price: 105.00 €

    Medieval Tunic made from wool.

  • MEN'S SHIRT - Baroque, Renaissance

    Catalogue number: CFW59
    Price: 58.00 €
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    White renaissance shirt. Material: cotton Plese let us know these measures: B, H, A, L (see this image)
  • TROUSERS - Baroque, Renaissance

    Catalogue number: CFW60
    Price: 105.00 €
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    Comfortable baroque (renaissance) trousers made of thin wool, cloth buttons. All visible seams are sewn manually. Material: wool Please let us know these measurements: waist circumference calf circumference trousers length - from waist to under your knee distance

    Catalogue number: CLM24
    Price: 85.00 €
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    This is TITVS MARTIVS personal cloak. If you wish the same, write us and consult with us measurements.

  • BRACAE - BRACCAE - roman trousers

    Catalogue number: CLM23
    Price: 56.00 €
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    Material and colour depends on you. Consult measurements with us.


    Catalogue number: CLM21
    Price: 54.00 €
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    Watch details and follow instructions concerning taking of measurements at the beginning of this page. Thank you.

  • Welsh bowman, costume

    Catalogue number: CFW63
    Price: 220.00 €
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    Welsh Bowman Costume with Scalloped Edge Hood, custom made. coat – duvetyn, no lining hood – duvetyn with cotton lining the costume consists of the coat and the hood
  • MONK, medieval costume

    Catalogue number: CFW64
    Price: 110.00 €
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    Monk Medieval Costume.

  • MEDIEVAL JACKET with roses

    Catalogue number: CFW62
    Price: 220.00 €
    Price before discount: 229.00 €
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    Medieval Jacket with Rosemberg Rose, custom made. Once we receive your order we will contact you to ask for the required measurements. The House of ROSENBERG (Rožmberkové) was a mighty Bohemian noble family, playing an important role in Czech medieval history. They owned, among other places, the…
  • Medieval woolen Hood - red and blue

    Catalogue number: HFM29
    Price: 75.00 €
    - +
    MEDIEVAL Woolen HOOD with Scalloped Edge, unisex. Hoods were a common part of male and female medieval clothing worn by poor and wealty alike. There were several designs including this one, which is an elegant example for wealthier folk. Hoodes were not only fashionable but also very …
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