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Shoes, Costumes / costumes for men

costumes for men

Historical and fantasy gentlemen clothing and headwear.

clothing for men

Clothing for men

Please send us your measurements following the guide:

A – max. chest circumference

B – min. waist circumference

C – max. circumference of hips

D – length of your back - from your 7th cervical (neck) vertebra to the waist

E – width of the back

F – width of the shoulders

G –width of a shoulder - from the middle of your neck to the shoulder joint

Hfrom the shoulder joint (flexed elbow) over the required length of a sleeve

I – arm circumference

J – frontal height - from the 7th cervical vertebra to the waist

K – breast height – from the 7th cervical vertebra to the top of your breast

L – required length


How to Measure

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hats for men

hats for men

Leather hats, pirate hats, Tricorn Pirate Hat, fur hats, caps, historical caps and period accessories.

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