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Jewellery / amulets and talismans

amulets and talismans

A wide selection of amulets and talismans from pewter and fashion jewellery materials. Celtic pendants, Viking designs (Thor’s Hammer, Valknut and more…), Slavic amulets, Medieval talismans, Zodiac signs, animals, dragons, rune necklaces, magical amulets. Wholesale pricing available.

celtic pendants

Celtic Pendants | Pagan Jewellery, wholesale

Celtic amulets and talismans. Have you heard about the Cernunnos, the triquetra, triskele, Green Man, and the Celtic knots

In the past, the Celts occupied a wide swath of Europe, and we believe that a drop of Celtic blood is still in each of us. We express our admiration for their cultural wealth with a wide selection of Celtic jewellry. Their designs are inspired by archaeological findings and our own imagination.

viking pendants

Viking Pendants | pewter Jewelry

We offer a comprehensive line of Viking amulets made from pewter, antlers, iron, and bronze. You will find Thor’s Hammer, valknuts, wolf pendants, runes, Nordic dragons, Valkyries, pendants with Norse gods such as Thor, Frey, and Odin, and miniatures of Viking weapons like Viking swords, spears and axes.

Slavic amulets

Slavic amulets | Jewelry Pagan pendants

Old Slavic symbols that date back to Pagan times have been made into amulets for you. Artistic motifs of the old Slavs often had geometrical forms symbolizing the sun (or a spinning wheel - kolovrat), and flowers (svarga). Other popular motifs are the lunula (female health and fertility), and amulets for warriors (Perun’s axe).

rune pendants

Rune Pendants | rune jewelry, viking

We offer Germanic runes in the form of pewter pendants, hand-forged iron amulets and runes carved in antlers.

Runes were ascribed a divine origin and were mainly used as a sacred form of writing worthy of recording important events or for magical protection for people or things -- in fact, the word “rune” means both letter and mystery and they are said to allow one to access and influence many levels of reality. The 24 letter Furhark alphabet that was revealed to Odin is considered the oldest system. Myths tell how Odin hung upside down on the World Tree Yggdrasil and took up the runes.

There is one historical certainty about the age of runes: they formed an alphabet at least as old as the Hebrew alphabet and we also know that they were written from left to right.

magical amulets

Magical Pendants | Alchemy, Jewish, pentacle

Magical and mystical pendants connected with various cultures througout history. You can choose pentagrams, Greek and Roman amulets, Egyptian talismans, alchemical symbols, Buddhist and Hindu symbols, magical Jewish talismans or Aztec protective signs.

zodiac signs

Zodiac Signs Pendants | pewter jewellery

Astrological / zodiac signs, amulets for each sign of the horoscope. These pendants are made from cast pewter, and some of them are galvanised.

dragon fantasy amulets

Fantasy Pendants | fairy jewels, dragons, skulls

What kind of shop would we be without fantasy amulets with your favourite dragons, swords, sabres, axes, unicorns, elves, trolls and skulls? We can’t even imagine!

animal pendants

Animal Pendants | Familiars, amulets, jewellery wholesale

Pendants with animals and animal motifs. Talismans representing animals were create already by early humans in the Ice Age and very little has changed since that era. People are still fascinated by the animal kingdom and by wearing a piece of jewellry depicting a certain animal we can take on the qualities of that being: owls – wisdom, wild boar – strength, ram – pertinacity, wolf – endurance, lion – courage.

Middle Ages, other pendants

Medieval Jewelry | pendants, pewter amulets

Amulets for modern-day knights and noblewomen – pendants with helmets, swords, medieval crosses, and axes. We also offer unclassified pendants – lucky charms, four-leaf clovers, Maori and Native American jewellery, Venetian masks, and more.


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