Knives - accessories, sharpeners

Knives - accessories, sharpeners

Knives - accessories, sharpeners, gift boxes.

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  • Ballistol H1 spray for food industry, 200 ml

    Catalogue number: DGO25
    Price: $13.90
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    Are you looking for rust protection and care for your knife? Food safe and effective? Ballistol H1 is primarily suitable for food processing industry, e.g. beverage manufacturers, butchers, bakeries, etc. Even households, which place value on a high-quality care of their domestic appliances use…
  • Ceramic Knife Sharpener, Walther

    Catalogue number: TOR181
    Price: $20.22
    Price before discount: $21.49
    Availability: In stock
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    Ceramic sharpener from the legendary manufacturer of rifles, Walther, USA.


    Catalogue number: KNI120
    Price: $16.43
    Availability: 4-6 weeks
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    Hand made sharpening stone from a sandstone. Manufactured in the Carpathian mountains. Size: 24 cm.

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