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saddlery, blacksmithing, and foundry all in one place

We've been on the market since 2005 and during this time, we've realized that not every manufacturer grasps your idea in the right direction. You're limited by delivery deadlines, you don't have the opportunity to be part of the development and quality testing. The only way out of this vicious circle is to become independent! Thanks to the centralization of our production, we're able to handle even larger orders for museums, theaters, or the film industry, as evidenced by our references.

We present to you the cohesion of our production - the manufacturing of historical replicas, which began in the forge, continued through to the saddlery, and finally into the hands of the jeweler. Entrust us with even the most challenging projects.


Swordsmithing, Knifemaking, Blacksmithing

Since our youth, we've been fascinated by the heroes of antiquity who wielded their own swords in battle against mythical creatures. We decided to establish a blacksmith shop and craft swords ourselves. Our childhood dream has come true.

We produce high-quality replicas for discerning customers. We emphasize material selection, detailed craftsmanship, and historical techniques. In addition to swords, our workshop specializes in crafting knives and Damascus steel blades.

Our forge is located in the city of Prague in the heart of Europe, and we continue this craft much like the Celtic or medieval masters of forging did in the past.

The workshop is well-equipped to handle larger demands, as evidenced by our collaboration with Warhorse Studios, for whom we produced hundreds of swords for the video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This collaboration has propelled us forward like the wind. For more information about our forge

Saddlery Workshop

History and Modernity - Custom Production, Films, Company Gifts

Leather has always had a captivating scent and fascinated us with its versatility in appearance and usage. This craft brings us joy.
We have successfully unified many crafts under one roof, upon which our work stands. We are equipped to meet the demands of the most discerning customers who seek comprehensive solutions from us. Everything in one place, from one manufacturer. A significant portion of our work consists of corporate clientele and custom production for film.
For more information about our leatherworking workshop.


Custom Designs and Casting - Buckles, Medals, Hardware, Coins

Modern casting line, design studio, and product modeling all under one roof. Whether you have a shop or a stall, are craftsmen seeking saddlery components, we will tailor what you need! We can create pendants, keychains, coins, commemorative medals, belt buckles, furniture hardware, tags, and parts for vintage cars.
Read the full article on centrifugal casting of zinc and tin.

Jewellery Production

Bracelets for Vikings, Custom Designs, Merch for Bands

It's said that when there's an idea, the rest will follow. We’re fortunate to have a talented designer from South Bohemia, Kati, who has been designing jewellery for us for many years. Her designs have even caught the attention of the creators of the TV series Vikings, to whom we supplied hundreds of bracelets. We are leading global manufacturers of jewellery with a historical theme. We design and manufacture. Other interesting references include Wardruna, TÝR, Enslaved, Daniel Landa, and Myrkur.

All workshops under one roof. 20 years of experience. We stand behind the quality. Get in touch with us, we are here for you. Traders, companies, and filmmakers - make use of our Wholesale and register so you don't miss out on anything.

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Saddlery Workshop

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