An old-fashioned craft

Leather has always had a unique scent and has fascinated us with its versatility in appearance and usage. The principles of working with leather are as old as humanity itself, and today's craft directly follows this tradition. It was only a matter of time before we set up our own saddlery workshop. 

We have successfully unified many crafts under one roof, upon which our work stands. We are equipped to meet the demands of the most discerning customers who seek comprehensive solutions from us. An example could be a request for forging a Damascus steel sword, accompanied by a custom-made leather scabbard adorned with silver or bronze. Everything in one place, from one manufacturer. A significant portion of our work consists of corporate clientele and custom production for film.

Custom Leathercraft

We sew belts, wallets, bags...

Indulge in originality.
Few fashion accessories can be tailored to your style and preferences like leather products. A belt, wallet, or bag with a monogram will enhance your style.

Combine colors and decorations.
Choose the type of decoration you want to embellish your product with. We work with colors in many shades. You can also complement everything with metal components.

Inquire about a commission.
Asking costs nothing, so write to us! We have made everything possible from leather and we gladly accept new challenges.

We sew for companies and associations

Quality comes first - no ordinary gifts for clients or associations

Support your company and employees with an original gift. We also offer the same to various interest groups, sports teams, or brands. Together, we'll come up with a product, and then the cherry on top is the use of a custom-made stamp. Just provide the logo.

Comprehensive Solutions for Film

History Channel, Netflix, Walt Disney already know us

Independence from subcontractors is crucial for meeting the deadlines required of us. Our saddlery workshop is equipped for the most complex tasks, especially the cutting press is our great helper. We model, shape, and cast metal components ourselves (belt buckles, buttons, etc.). So, take advantage of our zinc foundry.
The interconnection of individual crafts allows us to handle more complex and larger orders to the satisfaction of the customer. And film studios know it too - see Our References (Netflix, History Channel, Walt Disney ...).

We sew on demand

Work for Film

Historical replicas

Production of buckles - zinc casting

You can order our leather masterpieces here: belts, bags, etc. If you are interested in anything custom-made, contact us.

Do you need to model and cast metal components, buckles, amulets? Take advantage of our zinc foundry.

Custom production

  • Belts

  • Wallets

  • Bags

Historical replicas

  • Scabbards

  • Sword sheaths

  • Leather boots

New opportunities