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Medieval and Renaissance Daggers. Our daggers can be divided into daggers intended for fencing, which are dull and made from quality tempered spring steel: the same kind that’s used for sword blades. The other type is costume daggers (which are usually sharp or at least have a sharp point). These daggers are meant for collectors to display or as an accessory for a costume. You can order a leather sheath for your dagger, and some can be embellished with etching or engraving to customise them.

swordfight daggers

DAGGERS | medieval, renaissance for full contact

Daggers - we make them dull for historical fencing and they are constructed to withstand blows of reasonable force from an opponent. The material used is tempered spring steel with a higher carbon content. We offer mainly medieval Gothic and Renaissance daggers.

costume and collectors’ daggers

Costume and Collectors’ Daggers - Medieval Renaissance Celtic

Gothic and Renaissance daggers for collectors usually have a sharp points and sharp blades. These daggers very closely approximate their real historical models. The material used is tempered spring steel with a higher carbon content.

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