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Are you interested in living history? Yes? Try our wooden leather Celtic or Viking shields, this is top product that owns for example University of Sorbona.  For Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) fighters there are also suitable metal (iron or steel) gothic plate battle-ready shields.  We also offer fully functional wooden gothic and viking re-enactment shields, iron shield bosses or other leather-covered wooden shields (for example - Roman gladiator shields).

Iron and wooden battle ready Medieval shields, painted decorative shields, Viking round shields, pavises, wooden Shields and fist shields.

battle ready shields

Battle ready shields

Functional shields for viking and medieval re-enactment and for HMB fights (Battle of Nations).

living history shields

Living History Shields | Viking Celtic

Living History shields for your re-enactment - Celtic and Roman shields, viking shields, medieval shields.

painted shields

Painted shields

Painted shields - medieval shields and custom made shields (family crest).

Shields with family coats of arms - design and manufacture to order.

shield bosses

Shield Bosses

Shield bosses (umbo) for viking shields, Roman shields or medieval shields.

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