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Armour, helmets, shields

Each product of our category with armour (armor) is manufactured in the country of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Rep.) and some in other European countries where craft of medieval armour (armor) plate making has very long tradition. Suits of armor, gauntlets, helmets, cuirasses or other parts of plate armor can be also custom-made because Wulflund team cooperates directly with armour makers. Our direct and good relationships with armourers results in a good price that we offer to You.

Our armour (armor) is fully usable for reenacting (battle ready armor), it is not just a decoration for households. Armour is custom-made so you should have some patience please. It is also important for us to know measurements: head circumference across the forehead! It tooks cca 2 - 4 weeks to manufacture helmet for you. Material is iron plate, brass or bronze. Common thickness: 1.0 - 1.5 mm.



Historical Helmets - Celtic Helmets (Iron Age Helmets), Roman and Greek Helmets, Viking and Norman Helmets, Medieval Helmets (sallets, pig face basinet helmets, visor helmets, pot helmets etc), Hussar Helmets (Winged Hussars of Poland), Japanese Helmets, Helmet with Chain Mail.

armor parts

Armor parts

If you don't want to buy full suit of armour now, you can do it step by step. For this purpose we have opened category of Armor Parts

Steel Gauntlets, Greaves, Iron Vambraces, Gorgets, Pauldrons, Couters, Tasset, Breastplate, Poleyn (kneecap), Cuisse, Besagew, Lance Rest.

How to measure suit of Armour

leather armour, gloves

leather armour

This category gives you an opportunity to buy a leather armour (Viking, Medieval, Renaissance or Fantasy = LARP). We have a large offer of bracers that can be hand-carved (also custom-made after a picture that you can send us by email) or decorated by different stones or talismans. For example leather swordsman's gloves with arm protector can be used by Viking reenactors.

padded armour

padded armour

Gambesons, padded trousers, padded gauntlets (gloves) etc ...

HMB - armor, body protection

HMB - armor, body protection

Our selection of suits of armour or individual pieces (helmets, cuirasses, bracers, protection for hands and legs, etc.) for medieval contact fighting  (HMB, Buhurt/melee). Each customer has specific requirements for protection and historical accuracy, so just consider the products we already offer as a starting point: we will gladly take orders for bespoke pieces.

chain mail armour

riveted chain mail armour armor wholesale

Our Chain Mail Armour (armor) (maille, often given as chain mail or chain maille) belongs to custom made products. Our offer comprises: chain mail shirt - hauberk, chain mail coif, chain mail gorget and rings



Are you interresting in living history? Yes? So try our wooden leather Celtic or Viking shields, this is top product that owns for example University of Sorbona. For Historical Battle Reenactors there are also suitable metal (iron or steel) gothic plate battle-ready shields. We also offer fully functional wooden gothic and viking Re-enactment Shields, iron shield bosses or other leather-covered wooden shields (for example - Roman Gladiator Shield).

Iron and Wooden Battle Ready Medieval Shields, Painted Decorative Shields, Viking Round Shields, Pavises, Wooden Shields, Fist Shields.

JV armoury

Czech Armoury manufacture

Armoury JV is considered by many people as one of the most professional armoury in the Czech Republic and also in Europe. In present times there are really very few armourers who are specialized in authentic production like in the old times. Technologies of cold-working and heat-forging are used. Steel plates are bent and not hammered into "bowls", so the thickness of the material is still the same. Material that is used: usually 2 mm thick for helmets. All helmets and armour parts are custom made and we respect customer's requirements. After placing order you will be informed how to measure and we will agree on all details incl. delivery times. Production of JV armoury is limited with the with an emphasis on the best quality.

suits of armour

Suits of armour

Medieval Decorative Armour (Gothic Armours) and Steel Functional Suits of Armor (Battle Ready Armour), Roman Muscle Armour.

armoury for childs

Arms and Armoury for childs

Quality metal arms and armoury for childs. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic.

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