deer antler products

Deer antler products

Deer Antler Accessories - Slavic and Viking pendants, deer antler salt cases and bone needle cases, viking antler pendants, bone belt buckles.

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  • Viking Beard Ring, deer antler

    Catalogue number: CJW125
    Price: $20.22
    Availability: In stock
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    Decorated beard ring. Each piece may vary from the photos. If you want to choose the One for you, we can send you a photo of our beard rings currently in stock. Deer antler Inner diameter 0.8 cm Height 1 cm
  • DEER ANTLER earrings, viking

    Catalogue number: CJW126
    Price: $34.12
    Availability: In stock
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    Earrings made of antler.

    Length ca 3 cm.

    Each pair can be different from the illustrative photos, if you want ask us for current stock image.

  • VIKING ART STYLE, carved pednant, antler

    Catalogue number: BHJ157
    Price: $36.65
    Availability: In stock
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    Handmade Antler Carved Pendant crafted in Viking  art style.

    • Material European deer antler
    • Height: approx. 6 cm
    • Hole for a cord: 3 mm
  • OAK LEAF, deer antler button

    Catalogue number: DAP18
    Price: $7.58
    Availability: In stock
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    Oak Leaf BUTTON carved from Deer Antler.

    • material deer antler
    • length 4.5 cm
  • Viking Needle Case, Urnes style

    Catalogue number: DAP06
    Price: $65.72
    Availability: In 1 week
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    Well crafted Viking Needle Case that is carved in deer antler. Size circa: 3.0 x 15 cm. Manufactured in Bohemia. Unique artifact also for collectors.

  • ANTLER BUTTON - deer

    Catalogue number: CLM35
    Price: $8.85
    Availability: In stock
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    Button from the deer's antler - best buttons for medieval or LARP costumes. Average size: 5,5 cm.

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