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Weapons - Swords, Axes Knives etc.

Swords, axes, knives, bows - an extensive array of all kinds of replicas of cutting and stabbing cold weapons such as swords, sabres, rapiers, cutlasses and daggers.  We have special subcategories for battle axes and pole-mounted and striking weapons (including halberds and war hammers).  Another crucial part in the battles of old was played by archers, and we offer all-wooden historical longbows, as well as their essential accessories (archery supplies).  Don’t overlook the accessories we offer for the products we carry (such as scabbards and sheaths).  Our forged Celtic knives and knives made from Damascus steel are also highly sought after.

These products serve various purposes for their users and can be categorized into several types: replicas for historical fencing/swordsmanship, decorative replicas (with sharp blades or points) and functional replicas (knives and axes for outdoor reenactment or HMB). Our replica firearms all undergo proof tests.

Wulflund products are regularly tested by swordsmen - during training and during live battles in Europe.

Wulflund Stage Combat Swords
Our mark which can be found on our sword blades.


SWORDS | functional swords | Battle Ready | SCA - HMB

European Swords, Medieval Martial Arts - Re-enactment and Living History Swords.

Cold weapons from various historical periods intended for historical fencing as well as for collectors and connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship. We have a very extensive range of weapons designed by ancient civlilisations such as Celtic and Roman swords and gladiators’ weapons. You may also be interested in swords of the Early Middle Ages: Norman and Viking swords. Our armoury of medieval swords includes one-handed and hand-and-a-half Gothic swords (longswords), cutlasses and two-handed swords. You will also, of course, find cold weapons from later historical periods: rapiers, foils, sabres, backswords, and Scottish weapons. There is also a category devoted to those weapons used for historical medieval battles (HMB).


Wulflund Armoury Armory Arms Swords

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Our categories of the swords are (marked by icons in product's detail):

  • BATTLE READY SWORDS - designed for re-enactment / live steel use. With a guarantee against breakage. Generally with a blunt blade. They can also be sharpened on customer's request but then they belong to the category of decorative swords.
  • DECORATIVE SWORDS – are made for display only. They are usually sharp. Don't use them for fighting!
  • STAGE COMBAT SWORDS – swords designed for costume / theatrical usage. These swords have commonly the blade that is not case hardened and we don't offer a quarantee for breakage. These swords cannot be used in re-enactment fights.
  • UNIQUE REPLICAS – the swords we are most proud of. These swords are made in the same way as real weapons. Usually sharp, with many forged parts, well-crafted and decorated. No serial production. Figuratively speaking – you can take this sword to the grave, meaning it is of such a high quality. These swords can not be used in re-enactment fights.

axes, poleweapons

AXES forged | War Hammers | Pole weapons and Maces

Batlle Axes were used in the early Middle Ages by the Vikings and Slavs much more often than expensive swords. They were weapons that even the common people could afford. Nothing of their deadly impact was lost during the high Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, when axes took the form of all-metal weapons, often decorated by etching. We also make pole weapons for you:  halberds, war hammers, maces and flails.


Daggers | Medieval Renaissance SCA Functional

Medieval and Renaissance Daggers. Our daggers can be divided into daggers intended for fencing, which are dull and made from quality tempered spring steel: the same kind that’s used for sword blades. The other type is costume daggers (which are usually sharp or at least have a sharp point). These daggers are meant for collectors to display or as an accessory for a costume. You can order a leather sheath for your dagger, and some can be embellished with etching or engraving to customise them.

maces, war hammers

Maces, war hammers - medieval weapons

Maces and war hammers - medieval weapons.

lances, spears

LANCES SPEARS | viking celtic Roman Pilum

Spears and javelins. What is the difference between a javelin and a spear? A spear is a long stab weapon used both in hunting and in battle, whereas a javelin is more likely to be thrown. A spear is the basic infantry weapon, especially for those warriors who stood in the front line. The Roman javelin was called a pilum, and it had a particular shank construction that made it unique, whereas the Celtic spear had a similar shape to the spears used in the later medieval era.

rubber and plastic weapons

Rubber and plastic weapons

Rubber and plastic weapons.


ARCHERY | bows and arrows, quivers, bracers

Traditional archery using an all-wood longbow or crossbow can become quite an addictive pursuit, and is especially convenient since you do not need anyone to join you: all you require is time and a range where you can practice. We also offer accessories for our bows: arrows, bracers, finger tabs, quivers for arrows, spliced bow strings, bags to carry your gear, etc.


FORGED KNIVES | hand made Viking, Celtic Knives

Forged knives, medieval seax knives. The majority of the knives we carry are forged and quite a few of them are replicas of historic knives inspired by findings at different archaeological digs (especially our Slavic, Viking, and Celtic knives).

Knife is as old as humanity itself. The first specimens of knives were made from knapped flint or obsidian way back in the Palaeolithic Period. Since this time knives have become such a part of our daily lives that we almost always take them for granted. Still, these small and very useful objects have won their way into our affections, especially among those who still consider themselves “hunters and gatherers” in some sense. In the Czech Republic we say that “every real man has to have a knife with him,” though of course the ladies also find many uses for this most versatile tool and weapon. Which one from our collection will you choose?

We endeavour to stock knives for our customers that have not only a personality but also a kindred soul. In order to fuse such a spirit into it we take inspiration from the old ways and usually adhere to traditional methods of manufacture. The cutler (artisan of knives) is very important, as well as the production techniques in ensuring that the piece will both serve and provide pleasure in its use. Try one and you will see.

We use several types of steel: spring steel, which is renowned for its outstanding hardness and flexibility, the carbon content of about 0.6 % and tool steel alloy with a carbon content around 0.8% provides great cutting power and resistance to wear.

Knives make up the greater part of our smithy’s production, but we also make Viking long knives with bone handles (called Seax or scramasax). These knives were so important to the Germanic peoples in the period of migration that they actually lent their name to the Saxon peoples and, by extension, some of the lands they once ruled over (Essex, Wessex, Middlesex…).

saex knives, scramasax

Saex, long knives | Viking knife

Viking long knives - seax.

knives - accessories, sharpeners

knives - accessories, sharpeners

Knives - accessories, sharpeners, gift boxes.

damascus steel knives

Damascus steel knives | DAMASTEEL | smithy manufacturer

Damascus, Damascene or Damasteel – these are all names for Damascene blades. Damascus steel is composed of two or more types of steel that are folded again and again into one billet. The resulting material has the best qualities of the steels used and unique, unrepeatable patterns appear on its surface. We use highly carbonaceous hard steel in combination with soft steel with a low carbon concent to get the desired results. A blade from Damascene steel excells in its hardness and resistance to abrasion, as well as having unmatched beauty. We manufacture Wulflund’s Damascene blades ourselves in our proprietary Arma Epona smithy.

We use luxury materials for handles - silver, bronze, antlers, meteorite, mammoth bone, horns, local and exotic wood etc.

Swiss army knives

Swiss Army Knives Victorinox | Wenger

Victorinox - Swiss knife manufacturer based in the town of Ibach, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1884.

Mikov - traditional Czech manufacturer.

Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives - wholesale and retail

A wide range of kitchen knives from a variety of manufacturers.

HMB - swords, falchions, axes, weapons

Battle of Nations Historical medieval battles HMB

Manufacture of replicas of cold weapons for medieval contact fighting (or HMB, buhurt or melee). You can order goods that are already in stock in our shop, or we will be glad to develop and produce weapons made to your specifications. Swords, falchions, axes, halberds, and other weapons can be customised to your needs and produced in our workshop. All of our pieces are crafted for durability and suitability for specific styles of battle, and members of the Finnish national team, as well as warriors from Austria, Germany, and Australia rely upon them on the battlefield.
HMB - Battle of Nations

hunting hangers

Hunting Hangers | Forged Antler Manufacturer

Hunting swords and knives. Hunting swords are generally used in ceremonial contexts today, such as in hunting and they decorate the interiors of hunters’ lodges. These weapons are often sought out by collectors. Its original purpose was to finish off a wounded animal in order to save ammunition. It also served as a personal weapon for its wearer.

firearms, cannons

FIREARMS | Muskets, cannons | Historical shooting

Functional replicas of historical firearms: artillery and cannons, muskets, pistols. We also offer accessories for these weapons such as fuses and powder flasks. These replicas have been proof tested and have a certificate from the Czech Proof House for Arms and Ammunition.

katana, wakizashi, tanto

Japanese Katanas | Swords Seller

Replicas of Japanese swords - Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto.

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