CELTIC SWORD, replica, S. Maria di Zevio, Italy, LT D1

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A replica of a Celtic sword, whose temporal incorporation falls under the Latin period - LT D1. Santa Maria di Zevio, Italy. The blade is made of spring spring steel ČSN 14 260 (54SiCr6 - steel suitable for particularly stressed springs for automobiles and railway carriages). Top quality craftsmanship from a workshop that has been significantly devoted to replicas of Celtic swords in recent years. The blade of the sword is 1mm thick, making it a blunt edge suitable for safe handling, for displays or to showcase a Celtic warrior.

The sword has two grooves on the blade. Wooden handle. On special request we can also make a scabbard. The sword is very light - 800g.

  • Weight approx. 800g
  • Total length: 89 cm
  • Blade length: 76 cm
  • Width of blade: 4 cm
  • Blade thickness approx. 1mm

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